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For the Month of SEPTEMBER 1998

FOR THE WEEK ENDING September 4th, 1998

1) Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute For Policy Studies,who assesses recent U.S. missile strikes launched against suspected terrorist targets in Afghanistan and the Sudan.

2) Leon Spencer, Executive Director of the Washington Office on Africa, who describes the many forces involved in supporting or opposing the rebellion against the 15 month old government of Laurent Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

3) Sandaura Brookes, who talks about her intensive course that is a practical approach to self-defense for and empowerment of women.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING September 11th, 1998

1) Fred Weir, Moscow correspondent for the Canadian Press and In These Times who analyzes Russia's latest economic and political crisis. Related article: World Crises on the Horizon?"

2) Doug Henwood, Editor and Publisher of the Left Business Observer, who assesses the worldwide economic crisis following the collapse of economies in Asia, and now in Russia. Related article: World Crises on the Horizon?"

3) Gordon Bruno, Director of the Connecticut Center for School Change,who explains how the state of Connecticut has not met the goals mandated in the 1996 Sheff vs. O'Neill school desegregation case.columnist with the Nation Magazine, who examines the use and abuse of the grand jury system during the course of Ken Starr's investigation of the Clinton Presidency.

2) Debbie Weinstein, of the Children's Defense Fund, who assesses the consequences of federal welfare reform legislation enacted into law by Congress two years ago.

3) Shawn Ellis, spokesperson for the Detroit Metropolitan Council of Newspaper Unions, who describes recent developments in the union's three year strike against that city's two largest newspapers.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING September 25th, 1998

1) Commentator and author Paul Robeson Jr., who examines the electoral consequences of President Clinton's entanglement in the Monica Lewinsky sex and lies scandal.

2) Paul Bass, political reporter with the New Haven Advocate newspaper, who discusses the important primary race for the democratic nomination in Connecticut's 1st Congressional district.

3) Mark Jacobs, Director of the Westchester People's Action Coalition, who talks about plans to revitalize the organization, and continue the progressive work the group has been doing for 24 years.

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