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For the Month of NOVEMBER 1998

FOR THE WEEK ENDING November 6th, 1998

1) Journalist John Nichols, who discusses the conscious effort now underway by Republican party strategists to suppress voter turnout in the upcoming November 3rd elections, as described in The Nation and The Progressive magazines.

2) Peter Kornbluh, senior analyst with the National Security Archive, who criticizes the Clinton administration for withholding documents important to the successful prosecution of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, now being detained in London for his role in crimes committed against Spanish citizens.

3) Peter Rosset, Executive Director of Food First, who analyzes why world hunger persists despite an abundant food supply. Related link: Five Myths About Food and Hunger

FOR THE WEEK ENDING November 13th, 1998

1) Bill Hogan with the Center for Public Integrity, who examines the corrupting influence of money in the U.S. electoral system.

2) Journalist John Nichols, who discusses how the 1998 state legislative elections will define Congressional districts, and political party advantage after the year 2000, as described in The Nation and The Progressive magazines.

3) Susan Burnett, member of International Concerned Families and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, who talks about the recent denial for a new trial by Justice Ronald Castillo.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING November 20th, 1998

1) Vivian Stromberg, Executive Director of MADRE, , who talks about the devastation in Nicaragua by Hurricane Mitch, and Nicaraguan President Amaldo Aleman's campaign to obstruct relief efforts by non-governmental organizations.

2) Michael Shuman, author and research fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, who assesses the surprising results in the November 3rd, Congressional election.

3) Ellen Miller, Executive Director of Public Campaign, who describes her group's victories in Massachusetts and Arizona, where voters supported initiatives authorizing clean money campaign finance reform.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING November 27th, 1998

1) Mira Tanna, with Voices in the Wilderness, , who examines the recent crisis in Iraq, and the effects of the UN sanctions carried out against the people of Iraq.

2) Gordon Clark, executive director of Peace Action, who criticizes U.S. policy towards Iraq and suggests alternatives available to the U.S. and the U.N in confront Saddam Hussein.

3) Michael Lux, political director of People for the American Way, who examines why voters supported an anti-affirmative action ballot measure in Washington state Novermber 3rd.

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