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For the Month of FEBRUARY 1999

FOR THE WEEK ENDING February 5, 1999

1)Author and syndicated columnist Norman Solomon, who examines the media's coverage of the ongoing Congressional impeachment process.

2) A special report on the resignation of eight veteran pilots serving with Connecticut's Air National Guard, for refusing to be inoculated with the Pentagon's controversial anthrax vaccine.

3)State Representative Christopher Caruso, a Democrat from Bridgeport, who talks about the Connecticut's handling of the January 7th murder of 8-year-old Leroy Brown Jr., who was to be a key witness in an upcoming murder trial.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING February 12, 1999

1)1996 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta, who talks about the recent move by the Indonesian government which says it is willing to grant independence to East Timor.

2)Mark Weisbrot, research director at the Preamble Center, who describes what he sees as the phony Social Security crisis that has politicians scrambling to reform or privatize the nation's most successful social program.

3)Author and commentator Barbara Ehrenreich, who takes a critical look at the Senate impeachment trial and the Clinton presidency.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING February 19, 1999

1)Kit Gage, coordinator of Coalition to Protect Political Freedom, who explains why she fears new anti-terrorism legislation could endanger our civil liberties.

2)Stanley Heller, chairperson of the Middle East Crisis Committee, who talks about his group's recent protest opposing U.S. sanctions against Iraq, and their call for the arrest of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

3)Carol Collins, national coordinator of Jubilee 2000 USA,who describes her group's goal to bring about major debt relief for the world's poorest nations.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING February 26, 1999

1)Author and commentator Paul Robeson Jr. who assesses the opportunities to combat the right wing agenda in the aftermath of the GOP's unsuccessful and unpopular impeachment drive.

2)Toni Carraher, of the South Argmagh Farmers and Residents Committee in Ireland, who talks about the continued British military buildup there, despite peace talks and a solid cease fire.

3)Lou Goldberg, a former top Connecticut state official who points out many flaws in the process of building a stadium in Harford for the New England Patriots.

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