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For the Month of SEPTEMBER, 1999


1) David Bacon, an associate editor with the Pacific News Service, who discusses the most recent clash between Islamic separatists and government troops in the Russian province of Dagestan.

See Pacific News Service's online magazine JINN articles: "If Dagestan Islam Spreads It Could Bring Down Russia".

2) Julianne Smith, senior analyst with the British American Security Information Council who examines the continuing violence in NATO occupied Kosovo.

3) Dierdre McAliskey, daughter of noted civil rights leader Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, who talks about a recent police attack against peaceful protesters in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING Sept. 10, 1999

1) Russell Anderson, of the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project who discusses East Timor's historic vote on Monday, Aug. 30 to possible independence from the 24-year brutal occupation by Indonesia.

2) Rick McDowell with the group Voices in the Wilderness who discusses a delegation of Congressional aides that are visiting Baghdad to investigate the impact of nine years of economic sanctions on Iraq's population.

3) Wendell Primus, with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, who assesses the effects of welfare reform legislation -- enacted in 1996 -- on the nation's poorest families. See the center's study: Average Incomes of Very Poor Families Fell During Early Years of Welfare Reform. A transcript of this interview is available on this week's "Between The Lines Q&A"

FOR THE WEEK ENDING Sept. 17, 1999

1) John Miller, with the East Timor Action Network, who reports on the violence he witnessed in East Timor after the territory's citizens voted overwhelmingly for independence and an end to 24 years of Indonesia's brutal military operation.

2) Dr. Dan Murphy, a U.S. physician who was recently expelled from East Timor, and talks about the humanitarian tragedy he fears he'll find upon returning to the island nation after this latest seige of terror.

3) Peter Rosset, director of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, who examines the international debate over genetically engineered foods that has sparked a trade war between Europe and the United States. Listen to a a RealAudio clip (requires RealPlayer G2).
See the Between The Lines Q&A column, " Can Genetically Altered Foods Feed the World's Hungry? on the Minorities Job Bank Web site.

FOR THE WEEK ENDING Sept. 24, 1999

1) Seth Ackerman, with the group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, who assesses the U.S. press corp's coverage of the latest carnage in East Timor and the longstanding role of America's support for the Indonesian military. See FAIR's Action Alert: "U.S. Role Missing From East Timor Coverage"

2) Carlos Alicea, an environmentalist from Puerto Rico, who talks about the environmental, social and political consequences of the U.S. Navy's control of two-thirds of the island of Vieques for the past 60 years.

3) Author and journalist Steve Ellner, who examines revolutionary political changes being implemented by Venezuela's popular new president Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez.

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