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Between The Lines Archive
For The Week Ending July 13, 2001


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This week we present Between The Lines' summary
of under-reported news stories and:

Efforts to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Cease-Fire Fail
Likud government rejects freeze on settlements and final status negotiations
Interview by Scott Harris.

Despite a new round of shuttle diplomacy by Secretary of State Colin Powell to establish a cease-fire between Israelis and Palestinians, the effort has thus far failed. As car bombings and sniper attacks continue to claim new victims on both sides, the death toll rises daily, with more than 500 mostly Arab deaths in this latest Palestinian intifada, or uprising.

Meanwhile, human rights groups are condemning the Israeli military's targeting of Palestinians for assassination. The latest incident occurred on June 24, when a leader of the Fatah movement was killed after a bomb exploded in a phone booth he was using. More recently on July 1, IDF helicopters fired missiles at a car, killing three, which Israeli officials claimed prevented a terrorist attack. According to Palestinian human rights groups, 25 Palestinians militants including six bystanders, have been killed by special Israeli military units since November. While the government has not admitted its role in the killings, Israeli officials often identify the victims of such murders as "security threats."

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Phyllis Bennis with the Institute for Policy Studies, who discusses the obstacles standing in the way of achieving a cease fire. Contact the Institute for Policy Studies by calling (202) 234-9382 or visit their Web site at

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Rainforest Action Network's Tax Exempt Status
Under Attack by Oil, Timber and Tobacco Industry

If successful, right-wing front group promises
to target other progressive activist organizations

Interview by Scott Harris.

For more than a decade, the Rainforest Action Network has successfully been fighting to protect forests in North America and around the world. Employing non-violent civil disobedience, consumer boycotts and other media savvy actions, the environmental group has recently won significant victories including an agreement to preserve a large section of British Columbia's Great Bear rainforest and pressuring Home Depot to stop buying wood made with old-growth forest lumber.

But because of its success, Rainforest Action Network is now under attack by the Frontiers of Freedom Foundation, a group headed by former Wyoming Senator Malcolm Wallop, a good friend of Vice President Dick Cheney, and funded by oil, tobacco and timber company money. Frontiers of Freedom has asked the IRS to revoke Rainforest Actions' 501(c)3 federal tax exempt status for what they say are the group's use of tax deductible contributions to fund its advocacy campaigns. Frontiers of Freedom and Boise Cascade, one of the world's largest lumber companies are both working with the conservative Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise to target Rainforest Action. If the IRS revokes the environmental groups' tax status, Frontiers of Freedom promises to challenge other progressive activist organizations.

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Michael Brune, campaign director with the Rainforest Action Network, who discusses why he believes his group is under attack and what's at stake in this case for free speech and democracy.

Contact the Rainforest Action Network by calling 1 (800) 989- RAIN or visit their Web site at

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Yale University Unions Unite
for Hospital Organizing Drive

Interview by Melinda Tuhus.

For the past two years, the national hospital worker's union 1199 has been organizing 1,700 service and clerical workers at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Conn. The issues are the same as at other hospitals around the U.S. -- low wages and inadequate staffing and substandard health benefits. But the organizing drive in New Haven is unique because the hospital workers have joined with Yale University's clerical, dining hall, maintenance workers and a still unrecognized graduate student employees union -- Locals 34, 35 and GESO -- to form the Federation of Hospital and University Employees. Those three groups number 6,000 members.

The Federation is calling for Yale-New Haven's administration to remain neutral during the organizing drive, allowing the workers in the potential bargaining unit to decide whether or not to back the union by signing membership cards. If a majority of workers sign, the hospital would be bound to negotiate a contract.

Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with Yale-New Haven Hospital worker and union supporter Peg Tamulevich about the working conditions which sparked the union drive and the impact a unified labor movement at Yale has had on the drive.

The Federation of Hospital and University Employees can be contacted at (203) 624-5161 or visit their Web site at

This week's summary of under-reported news
Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Bush administration working overtime to divide labor and environmental groups to win the next election. ("Teamsters, not Turtles," by John Nichols, In These Times, June 25, 2001.)
  • Ecuador in the process of opening 5 million acres of the Amazon rainforest to oil exploitation. (New Internationalist, June 2001)
  • Growing number of corporate whistle-blowers and union activists subjected to psychological exams as a means to discredit workplace dissenters. ( "Giving Workers The Treatment," by Peter Downs, The Progressive, May 2001.)

Senior news editor/writer: Bob Nixon
Program narration: Denise Manzari
News reader: Nigel Rees
Segment Producer: Melinda Tuhus
Distribution: Anna Manzo, Harry Minot, Jeff Yates
Web editor/producer: Anna Manzo
Executive producer: Scott Harris

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An interview with Paul Lussier, author of the book, "The Last Refuge of Scoundrels: A Revolutionary Novel"

Papua New Guinea IMF-World Bank Protest

"The Price of Protest," Sydney Morning Herald, June 30, 2001. Papua New Guinea IMF-World Bank student demonstrators shot after surrendering; 3 killed.

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