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Global social justice movement resources
Collection of interviews and Web sites with contacts for breaking news about the global social justice movement. (Audio files in MP3 and RealAudio formats.)


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New Haven Advocate's
"Best of New Haven 2001"
-- Staff Picks --
Scott Harris, Best Radio News Reporter
WPKN Radio, 89.5 FM

"Giving Voice to Dissent: Bridgeport's WPKN Radio Covers The News With Left-Of-Center Takes Not Found In The Mainstream Media" Hartford Courant, Feb. 26, 2003

"The Rest of the News," New Haven Advocate, July 3, 2003


War And Profiteering

Those Who Dared to Come Forward
In-depth compilation on Washington insiders speaking out on Bush administration policies and actions

"Iraq On The Record," U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman report, March 16, 2004

"Greenspan Testimony Highlights Bush Plan for Deliberate Federal Bankruptcy," by Michael Meurer,, March 2, 2004

"Noam Chomsky on Middle East Conflict and U.S. War Plan Against Iraq," Between The Lines interview with Noam Chomsky, conducted by Scott Harris, for the Week Ending May 3, 2002

"The Iraq War & The Bush Administration's Pursuit of Global Domination," Counterpoint, Sept. 15, 2003

The Iraq Crisis, a Global Policy Forum, UN Security Council section on the 13 years of sanctions and other background of the war, the humanitarian situation, the importance of Iraq's huge oil resources, and disputes over a post-war government and reconstruction plan

"Occupation, Inc." Southern Exposure, Winter, 2003/2004

"Pipeline Politics: Oil, The Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia," World Press Review Special Report, Nov.-Dec. 2001

"War Profiteering," by The Nation editors, April 24, 2003

"An Annotated Saddam Chronology," ZNet, Dec. 15, 2003

Civil Liberties

"The Global Gulag: Into The Shadows," by Tom Engelhardt,, April 5, 2004

"Keeping Secrets: The Bush administration is doing the public's business out of the public eye. Here's how--and why," by Christopher H. Schmitt and Edward T. Pound, U.S. News & World Report, Dec. 12, 2003

"FBI Memo: Tactics Used During Protests And Demonstrations" Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oct. 15, 2003

"F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies" by Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Nov. 23, 2003

"Fascism Anyone?" 14 Signs of Fascism, Free Inquiry Magazine, Volume 23, No. 2

"Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism," The Crisis Papers, June 9, 2003

Multi-Ethnic Issues Advocacy

Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson's Commentaries, The Hutchinson Report
and in Audio (needs RealPlayer)

The Lines

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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending Nov. 25, 2005


U.S. Politics

"Creating A Right-Wing Nation, State By State," by Joshua Holland, AlterNet, Nov. 16, 2005

"The Senators' Rebellion," by Justin Raimondo,, Nov. 16, 2005

"The Bushification Of John McCain," by Ari Melber, AlterNet, Nov. 16, 2005

"Tide Turning In GOP Senators' War View," Washington Post, Nov. 16, 2005

"Republicans Cut And Run From Bush," by Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service, Nov. 16, 2005

"Senate GOP Blocks Dems On Iraq Timetable," Associated Press, Nov. 15, 2005

"Sen. Roberts: Iraq Will Affect Future War Votes," Washington Post, Nov. 14, 2005

"Rigged: Senate Fails Public, Gives Oil Moguls Red Carpet Treatment," by Ralph Nader, Common Dreams, Nov. 14, 2005

"Former VP Candidate Edwards Regrets War Vote," Agence France Presse, Nov. 13, 2005

"Has American Democracy Died An Electronic Death In Ohio's 2005 Referenda Defeats?," by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman, Columbus Free Press (Ohio), 2005

"House Budget Measure Pulled; GOP Moderates Buck Leaders In Both Houses," Washington Post, Nov. 11, 2005

"GOP Whitewash Of White House Continues," by Steve Cobble, Huffington Post, Nov. 10, 2005

"GOP Memo Touts New Terror Attack As Way To Reverse Party's Decline," by Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue, Nov. 10, 2005

"Voters Reject Schwarzenegger's Bid To Remake State Government," Los Angeles Times, Nov. 9, 2005

"Democrats Raise Red Flag On Alito," Associated Press, Nov. 9, 2005

"Willie Horton's Swift Boat Crashes In Virginia," by Max Blumenthal, Huffington Post, Nov. 9, 2005

"Swift Boat Attack On Bernie Sanders," by John Nichols, The Nation, Nov. 9, 2005

"Probe Sought In Leak About CIA-Run Secret Prisons; Lott Suspects GOP Senator," Los Angeles Times, Nov. 8, 2005

"Party For Sale," by Paul Waldman,, Nov. 8, 2005


Bush Regime

"Alito's Smoking Gun," by Harold Meyerson, Washington Post, Nov. 16, 2005

"National Security Adviser Was Woodward's Source, Attorneys Say," by Larisa Alexandrovna & Jason Leopold, Raw Story, Nov. 16, 2005

"Did They Lie To Congress? Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force," Washington Post, Nov. 16, 2005

"Positively Nixonian: Increasingly Isolated And On The Defensive," by Robert Scheer, The Nation, Nov. 16, 2005

"What Are They Cooking Up In The White House? The 'Wag The Dog' Scenarios," by Tom Engelhardt & Michael Klare,, Nov. 15, 2005

"Ex-Intelligence Officials Wants Rove's Security Clearance Suspended," Knight Ridder, Nov. 15, 2005

"Bush Rewrites History To Criticize His Antiwar Critics," by David Corn, The Nation, Nov. 14, 2005

"Rediscovered Testimony By CIA Director In 2001 Suggests Manipulation Of Pre-War Intelligence," by Jason Leopold, Raw Story, Nov. 14, 2005

"How Bush Defiled Veterans Day," by Pierre Tristram, Candide's Notebooks, Nov. 14, 2005

"Libby May Have Tried To Mask Cheney's Role," Washington Post, Nov. 13, 2005

"Business Leaders Love Alito's Judicial Activism," by Joe Conason, New York Observer, Nov. 14, 2005

"Poll: Libby Indictment Hits Major Nerve," Associated Press, Nov. 9, 2005

"The Dark Heart Of Dick Cheney," by Georgie Anne Geyer, Universal Press Syndicate, Nov. 9, 2005

"Rumsfeld Can Authorize Exceptions To New 'Humane' Interrogation Rules," Agence France Presse, Nov. 9, 2005

"Senate Asks Pentagon Probe Of Feith Role On Iraq," Reuters, Nov. 8, 2005

"White House Keeps Dossiers On More Than 10,000 'Political Enemies,'" by Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue, Nov. 8, 2005

"McClellan Deflects Questions on Torture Exemptions About A Couple Dozen Times," Editor & Publisher, Nov. 8, 2005


American Empire/War Profiteering

"Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars," by Bill Christison, Counterpunch, Nov. 16, 2005

"Firm Helps U.S. Mold News Abroad," Chicago Tribune, Nov. 13, 2005

"A 'Legal' U.S. Nuclear Attack Against Iran: Behind The IAEA Iran Resolution," by Jorge Hirsch,, Nov. 12, 2005

"U.S.-Backed Mideast Democracy Summit Ends In Rancor," Associated Press, Nov. 12, 2005

"The Rise Of America's New Enemy," by John Pilger, Truthout, Nov. 10, 2005

"U.S. Military Eyes Paraguay," In These Times, Nov. 10, 2005

"Is U.S. Planning An Iraq-Style 'Regime Change' In Syria?," Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 9, 2005

"A Politically Deflated Bush Faces A Resistant World," by Leon Hadar,, Nov. 9, 2005

"No More Blank-Check Wars," by Leslie Gelb & Anne-Marie Slaughter, Washington Post, Nov. 8, 2005


"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan

"Discovery Of Abused Iraqi Prisoners Provokes Outrage; Sources Say Iraqi PM And U.S. Forces Informed Months Ago," Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 16, 2005

"Iraq Under Occupation: 'It Was Never As Bad As This,'" by Anthony Arnove, ZNet, Nov. 16, 2005

"Raid On Torture Dungeon Exposes Iraq's Secret War," Independent/UK, Nov. 16, 2005

"Pentagon Confirms Using White Phosphorous In Iraq," Agence France Presse, Nov. 15, 2005

"The U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq--And Then Lied About It," by George Monbiot, Guardian/UK, Nov. 15, 2005

"White Phosphorous, Fallujah And Some Burning Questions," by Andrew Buncombe & Solomon Hughes, Independent/UK, Nov. 15, 2005

"'I Treated People Who Had Their Skin Melted,'" by Dahr Jamail, Independent/UK, Nov. 15, 2005

"Iraqi Businessmen Say U.S. Soldiers Threw Them Into Cage With Lions," Associated Press, Nov. 15, 2005

"U.S.-Iraqi Assault Meets Resistance Near Syrian Border," The New York Times, Nov. 15, 2005

"Unemployment Rate Skyrockets Among Recent Vets," Agence France Presse, Nov. 14, 2005

"U.S.-Iraq Troops Raid Government Jail Where Abuse Is Alleged," Los Angeles Times, Nov. 14, 2005

"CIA Covered Up Torture Evidence," Time, Nov. 14, 2005

"UN Report Cites Allied Forces In Iraq For Violating International Law," Associated Press, Nov. 14, 2005

"1,100 Lawyers Quit Saddam Defense Team," Associated Press, Nov. 13, 2005

"50 Bodies Found After U.S. Offensive," Reuters, Nov. 12, 2005

"Inquiry Reopening Debate About Run-Up To War," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov. 12, 2005

"Ellsberg Warns Iraq Is Similar To Vietnam," Associated Press, Nov. 12, 2005

"Fallujah, The Flame Of Atrocity," by Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque, Nov. 11, 2005

"Who's Misinforming Whom About White Phosphorous?," by Mark Rothschild,, Nov. 11, 2005

"Look At Who's Joined The Antiwar Chorus: Former Military And Intelligence Officials," by Kevin Zeese,, Nov. 10, 2005

"U.S. Army Publication Confirms U.S. Used Incendiary Weapon In Fallujah," Raw Story, Nov. 9, 2005

"Bombs In Iraq Getting More Sophisticated," Associated Press, Nov. 9, 2005

"U.S. Criticized For Use Of Phosphorous In Fallujah Raids," Independent/UK, Nov. 9, 2005

"Iraqi Civilian Killed In Rebel-Held House Bombed By Americans" The New York Times, Nov. 9, 2005

"Calls To Move Saddam Trial After Second Lawyer Killed," Independent/UK, Nov. 9, 2005

"Did The U.S. Military Use Chemical Weapons In Iraq?," Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 8, 2005

"Debate: Did The U.S. Military Attack Iraqi Civilians With White Phosphorous Bombs?," Democracy Now!, Nov. 8, 2005


Civil Liberties

"Congress Sends Mixed Signals On Detainee Rights," by William Fisher, Inter Press Service, Nov. 15, 2005

"Prisoners Of The Senate," by Anthony Lewis, The New York Times, Nov. 15, 2005

"Losing Habeas Corpus: 'A More Dangerous Engine Of Arbitrary Government,'" by Thom Hartmann, Common Dreams, Nov. 14, 2005

"Right To Trial Imperiled By Senate Vote," by Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith, The Nation , Nov. 14, 2005

"Senators Reach Gitmo Detainee Compromise," Associated Press, Nov. 14, 2005

"Graham Amendment Invokes Constitutional Crisis," by Marjorie Cohn, Truthout, Nov. 14, 2005

"Virginia Drops Charges Against Counter-Recruitment Protester Tariq Khan," by Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive, Nov. 14, 2005

"National Security Letters Put Privacy At Risk," by Robyn E. Blumner, St. Petersburg Times, Nov. 13, 2005

"Gitmo Detainee Has Been Held By U.S. Since He Was 15," Reuters, Nov. 13, 2005

"Torture Is Not An Option," by Larry C. Johnson, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 11, 2005

"Who Are The Guantanamo Detainees? Case Sheet 14, Omar Khadr," Amnesty International USA, Nov., 2005

"Senate Approves Plan To Limit Detainee Access To Courts," Washington Post, Nov. 11, 2005

"The PATRIOT Act: Business Balks," Business Week, Nov. 10, 2005

"U.N. Blasts Practice Of Outsourcing Torture," Inter Press Service, Nov. 10, 2005

"Report Warned On CIA's Tactics In Interrogations," The New York Times, Nov. 9, 2005

"Congress May Curb Some PATRIOT Act Powers," Associated Press, Nov. 9, 2005

"White House Works To Defeat A Torture Ban," Los Angeles Times, Nov. 9, 2005

"Conservatives Also Irked By IRS Probe Of Churches," Los Angeles Times, Nov. 8, 2005

"Goal Of U.S. Inquiry Into Peace Protest Questioned," Des Moines Register (Iowa), Nov. 7, 2005

"Torture, On Rumsfeld's Watch," by Nat Hentoff, Village Voice, Nov. 7, 2005


Media Issues

"The End Of News?," by Michael Massing, New York Review of Books, Dec. 1, 2005

"Leak Probes May Have 'Chilling Effect' On Media," Baltimore Sun, Nov. 16, 2005

"Bob Woodward's Timetable," by Jack Shafer, Slate, Nov. 16, 2005

"Woodward Was Told Of Plame More Than Two Years Ago," Washington Post, Nov. 16, 2005

"Journalists Avoiding The Real Libby Story," by Peter Hart, Minteman Media, Nov. 16, 2005

"Media Organization Files Suit Over Secrecy Order In CIA Leak Case," Reuters, Nov. 14, 2005

"A Time To Change: The Media Debates Itself," by Danny Schechter, Common Dreams, Nov. 14, 2005

"Washington Post Under Fire For Prisons Story," by Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, Nov. 14, 2005

"Covering Up Torture? At Pentagon's Request, Washington Post Refuses To Report Secret Prisons' Locations," Democracy Now!, Nov. 8, 2005

"The Media Are Minimizing British And U.S. War Crimes In Iraq," by George Monbiot, Guardian/UK, Nov. 8, 2005

"The Wrong Journalistic Decisions: Washington Post Withholds Info on Secret Prisons," by Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation, Nov. 6, 2005



"SOA Protests To Focus On Torture," by Patrick Mulvaney, The Nation, Nov. 15, 2005

"Interview: Patrick Resta Of Iraq Veterans Against The War," by Derek Seidman,, Nov. 15, 2005

"Cheney Heckled By Antiwar Protesters," Associated Press, Nov. 15, 2005

"Mother Quietly Protests War As Son Clings To Life," KTUU-TV News, Nov. 14, 2005

"Thousands Of Boston-Area Students Sign Up To Have Names Removed From Recruitment Lists ," Boston Globe, Nov. 13, 2005

"Veterans Cancel Their Parade Amid Differences Over Iraq," Boston Globe, Nov. 12, 2005

"Canadian Court Will Hear U.S. War Resister's Case," Canadian Press/Canada, Nov. 11, 2005

"Students Confront Sweatshops In New Wave Of Activism," by Richard Appelbaum & Peter Dreier, The Nation, Nov. 9, 2005

"Interview With Ann Wright: 'A Felon For Peace,'" by Tom Engelhardt,, Nov. 11, 2005

"Colorado Soldier Founds Antiwar Group," Associated Press, Nov. 10, 2005

"Antiwar Mom Urges Students To Protest," Mercury News, Nov. 10, 2005

"Something Happening Here...," by Mark Rudd, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 10, 2005

"Madison Group Gathers Signatures To Get Antiwar Referendum On April Ballot," Madison Capital Times (Wisconsin) Nov. 9, 2005

"The Won't-Be-Bullied Pulpit," by George Regas, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 9, 2005

"Political Protesters Bare Breasts, Go To Jail, In California," Agence France Presse, Nov. 8, 2005


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