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New Haven Advocate's
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Scott Harris, Best Radio News Reporter
WPKN Radio, 89.5 FM

"Giving Voice to Dissent: Bridgeport's WPKN Radio Covers The News With Left-Of-Center Takes Not Found In The Mainstream Media"Hartford Courant, Feb. 26, 2003

War And Profiteering

"The Future of Iraq: The Spoils of War," Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity, by Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb, The Independent/UK, Jan. 7, 2007

"Cheney is Longtime Bad News for U.S.," by John Nichols, by the Madison Capital Times (Wisconsin), Jan. 16, 2007

"Bush administration provokes open war on Iran: Irbil raid, and other operations, authorized "several months ago," by Larry Chin, Global Research, Jan. 15, 2007

"Iran: The Next War," by James Bamford, Rolling Stone, July 24, 2006

Those Who Dared to Come Forward
Compilation of Washington insiders speaking out on Bush administration policies and actions

Project for the New American Century's Letter to President Clinton on Iraq, Jan. 26, 1998 Urges President Clinton to remove the threat that Iraq poses by stating a strategy to do so in his "upcoming State of the Union Address."

"Iraq On The Record," U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman report, March 16, 2004

"Greenspan Testimony Highlights Bush Plan for Deliberate Federal Bankruptcy," by Michael Meurer,, March 2, 2004

"Noam Chomsky on Middle East Conflict and U.S. War Plan Against Iraq," Between The Lines interview with Noam Chomsky, conducted by Scott Harris, for the Week Ending May 3, 2002

"The Iraq War & The Bush Administration's Pursuit of Global Domination," Counterpoint, Sept. 15, 2003

The Iraq Crisis, a Global Policy Forum, U.N. Security Council section on the 13 years of sanctions and other background of the war, the humanitarian situation, the importance of Iraq's huge oil resources, and disputes over a post-war government and reconstruction plan

"Occupation, Inc." Southern Exposure, Winter, 2003/2004

"Pipeline Politics: Oil, The Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia," World Press Review Special Report, Nov.-Dec. 2001

"War Profiteering," by The Nation editors, April 24, 2003

"An Annotated Saddam Chronology," ZNet, Dec. 15, 2003

Civil Liberties

"Martial Law Threat is Real," by Dave Lindorff,, July 27, 2007

"ACLU: US Constitution in Grave Danger,"United Press International, July 25, 2007

"Old-line Republican warns 'something's in the works' to trigger a police state," by Muriel Kane, July 19, 2007

"Fascist America, in 10 easy steps," by Naomi Wolf, The Guardian, April 24, 2007

"Keeping Secrets: The Bush administration is doing the public's business out of the public eye. Here's how--and why," by Christopher H. Schmitt and Edward T. Pound, U.S. News & World Report, Dec. 12, 2003

"Fascism Anyone?" 14 Signs of Fascism, Free Inquiry Magazine, Volume 23, No. 2

"Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism," The Crisis Papers, June 9, 2003

Between The Lines

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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending Feb. 29, 2008




View Between The Lines' single-payer health plan forum "Health Care: Basic Human Right or Privilege?" with Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler, cofounder of Physicians for a National Health Program and John Wilhelm, president/hospitality undustry, UNITE HERE union.
  • House Defies Bush Demand
    for Telecom Warrantless Wiretap Immunity

    For story text and audio, Click here!

  • Planned Guantanamo Trials Deny
    9/11 Defendants Basic Rights

    For story text and audio, Click here!

  • Kansas Late-Term Abortion Doctor
    Targeted by Anti-Choice Groups

    For story text and audio, Click here!

  • Underreported News Summary
    from Around the World

    For full summary text and audio, Click here!
LISTEN to this week's half-hour program of Between The Lines by clicking on one of the links below.

This week we present Between The Lines' summary of under-reported news stories and:

 House Defies Bush Demand
for Telecom Warrantless Wiretap Immunity

Interview with Caroline Fredrickson,
director of the ACLU,
Washington Legislative Office,
conducted by Scott Harris


The U.S. Senate, by a vote of 68 to 29 on Feb. 11, authorized President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program and granted retroactive immunity to the telecommunication companies that participated in the surveillance operation initiated after the September 11 terrorist attacks. However, the House of Representatives, whose own version of the surveillance bill did not include immunity for the telecom companies, resisted pressure from the White House to fall in line with the Senate bill.

Although House Democratic leaders were willing to extend by 30 days the expiring Protect America Act, a temporary surveillance bill passed last August, the president threatened to veto any extension. Unable to extend the time to hammer out a House-Senate compromise, House leaders let the Protect America Act expire on Feb. 16.

In response to the House action, President Bush blamed Congress for placing the United States in "more danger of attack" because his favored domestic wiretapping legislation was not passed. But despite the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies still have the tools to monitor the communications of suspected terrorists, the president and Republican legislators are clearly attempting to use this issue to make national security a political issue in the 2008 election. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Caroline Frederickson, director of the ACLU's Washington Legislative Office, who talks about the ongoing battle over President Bush's warrantless surveillance program and the unexpected resistance in the House to providing retroactive immunity for telecom companies.

Contact the ACLU by calling (212) 549-2500 or visit the group's website at
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Planned Guantanamo Trials Deny
9/11 Defendants Basic Rights

Interview with Marjorie Cohn,
president of the National Lawyers Guild,
conducted by Scott Harris


On Feb. 11, the Bush administration announced it would charge six detainees held at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, alleged to be involved in the planning of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Among those being charged are Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the purported mastermind of the 9/11 conspiracy. This is the first set of charges brought by U.S. authorities against Guantanamo detainees that related directly to involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks.

These trials will be conducted under the rules outlined in the Military Commissions Act passed in 2006 by the Republican-controlled Congress in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the original Bush trial procedures at Guantanamo were unconstitutional.

Although the Military Commissions Act forbids the admission of evidence extracted by torture, it permits evidence obtained by cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment if it was secured before Dec. 30, 2005. Thus, the Bush administration's refusal to declare waterboarding as an act of torture will be a key issue in these trials. Other procedures criticized allow a trial to proceed in the absence of the accused, places the power to appoint judges in the hands of the Secretary of Defense, permits the introduction of hearsay and evidence obtained without a warrant, and denies the accused the right to see all of the evidence against them. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Marjorie Cohn, president of the National Lawyers Guild, and professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, who assesses the legitimacy and fairness of the trials planned for these six Guantanamo detainees.

Marjorie Cohn is author of "Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law." Contact the Lawyers Guild at (212) 627-2656 or visit their website at Read professor Cohn's articles online at her website

Kansas Late-Term Abortion Doctor
Targeted by Anti-Choice Groups

Interview with Julie Burkhart,
executive director of ProKanDo,
conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Efforts to limit women's access to reproductive health care are continuing in the U.S. since the anti-abortion movement's victory last April in the Gonzales v. Carhart decision at the Supreme Court, which ruled against one late-term abortion method, dilation and evacuation, called partial birth abortion by its opponents.

Kansas is the unlikely epicenter of the struggle, where Dr. George Tiller runs a clinic in Wichita, in Sedgwick County, that provides late-term abortion services for women from around the country. After a grand jury convened in 2006 found that Dr. Tiller was not carrying out illegal abortions, another so-called citizen grand jury is making a second attempt to put him out of business.

Meanwhile, 10 states have incorporated the right to abortion into their state laws, while four states have passed legislation that would impose near-total criminal bans on abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Several other states have unconstitutional and unenforceable criminal bans on abortion. Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with Julie Burkhart, executive director of ProKanDo, a pro-women, pro-choice advocacy organization in Kansas. She explains the special place that Dr. Tiller holds in the reproductive rights movement, and the fight ahead for Kansans standing up to anti-choice forces.

Visit ProKanDo's website at Feminist Majority is building national support for Dr. Tiller. Learn more about their campaign by calling (703) 522-2214 or visit their website at

  • The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, has proposed a U.S.-style plan to fingerprint all foreign travelers entering the continent. If enacted, tens of millions of names would be recorded into shared global databases. ("Travelers to Europe May Face Fingerprinting," Washington Post, Feb. 12, 2008)
  • Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart has produced a documentary which brings attention to illegal shark "finning" -- which involves cutting off sharks' fins and selling the fins through an underground network to Asia, where shark fin is a luxury food item. ("The War on Sharks" E Magazine, November/December, 2007)
  • A UCLA health study on youth and tobacco has raised conflict of interest issues over funding by tobacco giant Philip Morris. ("A Smoldering Controversy at UCLA," Los Angeles Times, Feb. 9, 2008)

Executive producer: Scott Harris
Segment producers: Scott Harris, Melinda Tuhus
Senior news editor: Bob Nixon
Copy editor: Chris Ferrio
Program narration: Denise Manzari
News reader: Elaine Osowski
Senior web editor/producer: Anna Manzo
Web producer: Jeffrey P. Yates
Newswire editor: Hank Hoffman
Photo editor: Scott Harris
Outreach coordinator: Anna Manzo
Distribution: Anna Manzo, Bill Cosentino and Jeffrey P. Yates
Theme music: Written by Richard Hill and Jody Gray, and performed by Mikata

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"Couple Takes Unexpected Journey To Protest Iraq War," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb. 18, 2008

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