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"Giving Voice to Dissent: Bridgeport's WPKN Radio Covers The News With Left-Of-Center Takes Not Found In The Mainstream Media" Hartford Courant, Feb. 26, 2003

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Between The Lines

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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending April 4, 2008


U.S. Politics

"The Speech," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 19, 2008

"The White Preacher Double Standard: How Hagee, Parsley And The Rest Get Away With Everything," by Cenk Uygur, Huffington Post, Mar. 19, 2008

"McCain's Repeated 'Slips Of The Tongue' On Iran And Al-Qaeda," by Glenn Greenwald, SAlon, Mar. 19, 2008

"A More Perfect Union," Speech by Sen. Barack Obama, Mar. 18, 2008

"Obama's Fauth In The Reasoning Abilities Of The American Public," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 18, 2008

"Obama Finally Puts Race on The Table," by Jon Robin Baitz, Huffington Post, Mar. 18, 2008

"Obama's Speech On Race May Have Saved His Campaign," by William Douglas, McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 18, 2008

"'State Secrets' Privilege Fuels Surveillance Bill Battle," Christian Science Monitor, Mar. 18, 2008

"Liberals Take Back Their Swagger,", Mar. 18, 2008

"What Is McCain's Economic Agenda?," by Jared Bernstein, The American Prospect, Mar. 17, 2008

"'This Is Our Time': Progressives Poised To Win," by Isaiah J. Poole, Campaign for America's Future, Mar. 17, 2008

"Republicans See Storm Clouds Gathering," Washington Post, Mar. 16, 2008

"GOP Gags Witnesses On Credit Card Woes," Washington Independent (Washington, D.C.), Mar. 14, 2008

"Clinton's Role In Health Program Disputed," Boston Globe, Mar. 14, 2008

"House Democrats Reject Telecom Amnesty, Warrantless Surveillance," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 14, 2008

"House Passes FISA Bill Without Immunity," Reuters, Mar. 14, 2008

"Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials," Bloomberg News, Mar. 14, 2008

"The Principled, Honest House Republicans," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 13, 2008

"Remembering What Nixon Learned," by David Sirota, TruthDig, Mar. 13, 2008

"Conservatism Is Dying," by Eric Lotke, Campaign for America's Future, Mar. 13, 2008

"Farmer's Folly," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 13, 2008

"Antiwar Voters Trust McCain To Make Decisions About 'War On Terror,'" by Ira Chernus, AlterNet, Mar. 12, 2008

"McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam," by David Corn, Mother Jones, Mar. 12, 2008

"When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps To Revolution," by Sara Robinson, Campaign for America's Future, Feb. 20, 2008


Bush Regime

"The Assault On Public Integrity Continues," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 19, 2008

"White House Email Battle Heats Up," ABC News, Mar. 18, 2008

"Audit: Bush Barely Trims FOIA Backlog," Associated Press, Mar. 16, 2008

"The Gathering Storm At Justice," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 15, 2008

"Watchdogs: Ozone Case Shows Bush Meddling In Science," Reuters, Mar. 15, 2008

"Ozone Rules Weakened At Bush's Behest," Washington Post, Mar. 14, 2008

"President Weakens Espionage Oversight," Boston Globe, Mar. 14, 2008

"Public Integrity, Redefined," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 14, 2008

"The Torture Veto," by David Cole, The Nation, Mar. 13, 2008

"Spitzer Set Up?," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 13, 2008


American Empire/War Profiteering

"Philip K. Dick Meet George Bush: Blowing Them Away Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry," by Tom Engelhardt,, Mar. 16, 2008

"Iran Still A Target?," by Stephen Kinzer, Baltimore Sun, Mar. 12, 2008

"Fallon's Fall Highlights Debate Over U.S. Policy On Iran," by Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 12, 2008


"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan

"The U.S. Military's Assassination Problem," by David Case, Mother Jones, Mar./Apr., 2008

"U.S. Vets Testify To Torture Of Detainees," by Aaron Glantz, Inter Press Service, Mar. 19, 2008

"The Terrible Reality Of Iraq: A War Of Lies," by Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch, Mar. 19, 2008

"Five Years, No End In Sight," by Dahr Jamail, Inter Press Service, Mar. 19, 2008

"U.S.-Led Raid Kills Six Civilians, Afghan Official Says," Agence France Presse, Mar. 18, 2008

"Iraq War Is Killing our Economy," by Robert Pollin & Heidi Garrett-Peltier, The Nation, Mar. 18, 2008

"Winter Soldier: U.S. Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers From Iraq And Afghanistan Testify About Horrors Of War," Democracy Now!, Mar. 17, 2008

"Iraq Vet: Rules Of Engagement 'Thrown Out The Window,'" by Dahr Jamail, Inter Press Service, Mar. 17, 2008

"Red Cross: Millions Of Iraqis Lack Water, Healthcare," Reuters, Mar. 17, 2008

"Missing Persons: A Personal Accounting Of Iraqi Dead," Chicago Tribune, Mar. 16, 2008

"How To Destroy A Country In Five Years," by Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch, Mar. 15/16, 2008

"War Stories Echo An Earlier Winter," Washington Post, Mar. 15, 2008

"Analysis: Five Years Iraq Strain Army, Force Change," Reuters, Mar. 14, 2008

"U.S. Marched To Iraq With Inaccurate Intelligence," Reuters, Mar. 14, 2008

"Reviving Vietnam War Tactics," by Tom Hayden, The Nation, Mar. 13, 2008

"The Eight Inside-The-Beltway Fundamentals Of The Iraq War," by Tom Engelhardt,, Mar. 13, 2008

"Spike In Violence Follows Troop Wthdrawal," USA Today, Mar. 13, 2008

"Pentagon Cancels Release Of Controversial Iraq Report," McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 12, 2008

"Twelve Soldiers Killed In Three Days In Iraq," Associated Press, Mar. 12, 2008


Civil Liberties

"Reforms Failed To Curb FBI Spying," by William Fisher, Inter Press Service, Mar. 19, 2008

"Papers Detail Complaints Of Links To Treasury List," The New York Times, Mar. 19, 2008

"How To Become A Concentration Guard Without Even Trying," by Joshua Holland, AlterNet, Mar. 18, 2008

"Canadian Says Interrogators Threatened Him With Rape," McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 18, 2008

"Audit: FBI Watchlist Data Error-Ridden," Associated Press, Mar. 17, 2008

"Guantanamo: The Bigger Picture," by Frida Berrigan, Foreign Policy in Focus, 2008

"Precious Liberty: Exposing The Lie That Innocent Have Nothing To Fear," by A.C. Grayling, Guardian/UK, Mar. 17, 2008

"The Gitmo Farce," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 16, 2008

"Wiretapping's True Danger," by Julian Sanchez, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 16, 2008

"Interrogators Don't Need To Torture; It Doesn't Work," by Robert Weiner & John Larmett, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mar. 14, 2008

"Abuse Claims Complicating Gitmo Trials," Associated Press, Mar. 14, 2008

"Another Act Of Evil: Slow Murder At Gitmo," by Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque, Mar. 14, 2008

"The Spitzer Case And The National Surveillance State," by Jack Balkin, Balkinization, Mar. 13, 2008

"The Reality Of Life In A Police State," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 13, 2008

"FISA: Why We Fight," by Kagro X, Daily Kos, Mar. 13, 2008

"FBI Tried To Cover PATRIOT Act Abuse With Flawed, Retroactive Subpoenas," by Ryan Singel, Wired, Mar. 13, 2008

"ACLU On Resurrected TIA Program," by mcjoan, Daily Kos, Mar. 12, 2008

"UN Torture Investigator Denied Entrance To U.S. Risons In Iraq," Jurist, Mar. 12, 2008


Media Issues

"Getting It Right On Iraq," by Tom Engelhardt & Greg Mitchell,, Mar. 18, 2008

"Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: Victory for Independent Media," by Jeff Cohen, Huffington Post, Mar. 16, 2008

"Over One Million Have Been Murdered-And Nothing Has Been Learned," by by Arthur Silber, Once Upon A Time..., Mar. 15, 2008

"The Media Repeat Stream Of Lies About Obama," by Ari Berman, The Nation, Mar. 13, 2008

"Jeff Cohen's Message: Don't Trust Big Corporate Media," Petoskey News-Review (Michigan), Mar. 13, 2008

"How The Press Failed On Iraq," by Greg Mitchell, Salon, Mar. 11, 2008

"Whose Web Is It Anyway?," by Brian Braiker, Newsweek, Feb. 28, 2008



"The Left Was Right," by Curt Guyette, Metro Times (Detroit, MI), Mar. 19, 2008

"Thirty-Two Arrested In D.C. Antiwar Protest," Reuters, Mar. 19, 2008

"Time To Check Those Union Cards," by Dick Meister, ZNet, Mar. 19, 2008

"Political Theatre Of The Absurd," by Paul Waldman, The American Prospect, Mar. 18, 2008

"Opponents Of Iraq War Plan Series Of Protests In Capitol," Washington Post, Mar. 18, 2008

"Worldwide Protests Over Tibet Crackdown," Associated Press, Mar. 18, 2008

"Antiwar Grannies Arrested Trying To Enlist," Inter Press Service, Mar. 18, 2008

"Over 500 Gather In San Francisco To Protest Iraq War," San Francisco Chronicle, Mar. 17, 2008

"Protesters Across World Condemn Iraq War," Agence France Presse, Mar. 15, 2008

"Activists On Each Side Of War Effort Offer Preview Of Clashes," Washington Post, Mar. 15, 2008

"Marching In March," Guardian/UK, Mar. 15, 2008

"Thoughts Of An Ex-Marine Officer Turned Peace Activist," by Camillo 'Mac' Bica, Truthout, Mar. 14, 2008

"Antiwar Protesters Chant 'War Criminal' At Rice," Reuters, Mar. 13, 2008


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