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'A New Era of Responsibility'

"Push Obama to Follow Through on Peace Vows," by Amy Goodman, The Capital Times (Wisconsin), Jan. 22, 2009
"How to Push Obama," by John Nichols, The Nation, Jan. 12, 2009

"The Danger of Green Stimulus," Jesse Jenkins, Huffington Post, Jan. 5, 2009

"Who Will Seize the Moment?" Turning Crisis into Opportunity, by Ralph Nader, Counterpunch, Dec. 4, 2008

"Community Organizers Press Obama for Real Change," by, Dec. 3, 2008

Civil Liberties

"The effects of Obama's refusal to investigate Bush crimes," by Glen Greenwald,, Jan. 20, 2009

"Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture, " by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Jan. 18, 2009

"Obama Has to Hold Bush Accountable for the Laws He Broke," by Elizabeth Holtzman, The Nation, Jan. 16, 2009

"Obama Must Restore the Constitution: Prosecuting Bush and Cheney," by Dave Lindoff,, Jan. 16-19, 2009

A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE: Human Rights Solutions

"Single-Payer Health Care Would Stimulate Economy," by John Nichols, The Nation, Jan. 15, 2009

"Fulfilling the Promise of Human Rights: The Universal Declaration at 60," audio recordings from a Connecticut conference marking the 60th anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Conn., Dec. 6, 2008

A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE: Converting Fossil Fuel/War Economy to Green, Renewable Energy/Peace Economy

"Green Jobs Should Top Our Economic Recovery List," by Juleyka Lantigua, Jan. 6, 2009

"Obama Must Get Afghanistan Right,"by Katrina Van Heuvel, The Nation, Jan. 9, 2009

"Nine Steps to Peace for Obama in the New Year," by Deepak Chopra, Alternet, Jan. 1, 2009

"Electric Cars Put Hawaii on The Road to Independence," by Times Online/UK, Dec. 4, 2008

"Weapons Come Second: Can Obama Take on the Pentagon?" by Frida Berrigan,, Nov. 25, 2008

The FY 2009 Pentagon Spending Request - Global Military Spending, by the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Economic Crisis

"The Outcry Is Muted, But The Food Crisis Is Getting Worse," by Jayati Ghosh, The Guardian/UK, Jan. 9, 2009

"Ideas for Obama, "by Paul Krugman, by The New York Times, Jan. 12, 2009

"The Ponzi Scheme Presidency: Bush's Legacy of Destruction," by Tom Engelhardt,, January/February, 2009

"Fiscal Therapy," by David Cay Johnston, Mother Jones, January/February, 2009

"A Look At Wall Street's Shadow Market: How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis," 60 Minutes, Oct. 5, 2008

"Swapping Secrecy for Transparency," by Christopher Cox, SEC Chairman, The New York Times Op-Ed, Oct. 19, 2008

"The Bet That Blew Up Wall Street: Steve Kroft On Credit Default Swaps And Their Central Role In The Unfolding Economic Crisis," 60 Minutes, Oct. 26, 2008

Broken Government

"Broken Government: By The Numbers," 40 ways in which the federal government failed to perform under the administration of George W. Bush, 2001-2008

Class Warfare

"How the Rich Are Different From You and Me,"Places that went for Obama are richer and smarter than places that went for McCain, by Bill Bishop and Robert Cushing, Slate, Dec. 11, 2008

"Questions About the $700 Billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Funds, " First Report of the Congressional Oversight Panel for Economic Stabilization, Dec. 10, 2008

War And Profiteering

"This Is Change? Twenty Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House," by Jeremy Scahill,Alternet, Nov. 20, 2008

"Don't Let Barack Obama Break Your Heart," Why Americans Shouldn't Go Home, by Tom Engelhardt, Nov. 12, 2008

"The Future of Iraq: The Spoils of War," Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity, by Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb, The Independent/UK, Jan. 7, 2007

"Noam Chomsky on Middle East Conflict and U.S. War Plan Against Iraq," Between The Lines interview with Noam Chomsky, conducted by Scott Harris, for the Week Ending May 3, 2002

The Iraq Crisis, a Global Policy Forum, U.N. Security Council section on the 13 years of sanctions and other background of the war, the humanitarian situation, the importance of Iraq's huge oil resources, and disputes over a post-war government and reconstruction plan

"Pipeline Politics: Oil, The Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia," World Press Review Special Report, Nov.-December 2001

Between The Lines

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Posted Feb. 17, 2010

Between The Lines
For The Week Ending Feb. 26, 2010



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This week we present Between The Lines' summary of under-reported news stories and:

In First Test of Obama's
Afghan War Strategy
Civilians Pay with Their Lives

 RealAudio  MP3

Interview with Robert Naiman,
policy director of Just Foreign Policy,
conducted by Melinda Tuhus


The battle for Marjah, launched on Feb. 13 by a combined force of more than 15,000 U.S. Marines, Afghan, and British troops, is the first major battle following President Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan. The goal, according to U.S. officials, is to rout the Taliban from the area and then secure and hold the city. The strategy depends on cooperation from Afghan civilians, and there are reports that many civilians are willing to take steps to push the Taliban out of their communities by reporting their whereabouts to western military authorities, and by refusing to give Taliban insurgents food or shelter.

A cornerstone of the effort is to build trust among citizens and avoid civilian casualties. However, in the first days of the assault, a dozen people were reported killed -- including at least five children -- in one location and other noncombatant deaths soon followed.

In other news from Afghanistan, a joint raid by Pakistan and U.S. intelligence officers reportedly captured the Taliban's top military commander in the Pakistani city of Karachi. But it is uncertain if that arrest will affect the Taliban's capabilities on the battlefield. Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with Robert Naiman, policy director of Just Foreign Policy, a group that uses online tools to promote citizen activism in the realm of U.S. foreign policy. He explains how Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan may not bring about his desired results.

Visit the group's website at

'Fix Congress First!' Organizes
to Change 'Pay to Play' Status Quo
in Washington, D.C.

 RealAudio  MP3

Interview with Lawrence Lessig,
Harvard University law professor,
director of the Edward J. Sifra Foundation Center for Ethics,
and co-founder of the group Change Congress,
conducted by Scott Harris


According to the Center for Responsive Politics, companies that hired congressional lobbyists in 2009 spent more than $3.47 billion to influence legislators as they debated the future of health care reform, financial regulations and energy policy. That constituted more than a 5 percent increase over the previous record expenditure of $3.3 billion spent on federal lobbying in 2008. The center calculated that $1.3 million were spent on lobbying every hour that Congress was in session during 2009.

This flood of corporate spending to influence Congress came as the U.S. was suffering through the worst economic decline since the Great Depression. Public opinion polls indicate most Americans aren't happy with the status quo in Washington, with more than 60 percent saying that federal legislators don't deserve to be re-elected. Several other polls find that the public's approval for Congress and political parties are now at historic lows.

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, is co-founder of the non-profit group Change Congress, whose mission is to restore public trust in government and protect the independence of Congress by fighting the influence of money in politics. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with professor Lessig about how his group proposes to change the status quo in Washington where big money has veto power over congressional action on behalf of the public good.

See interview transcript.
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Visit the Change Congress website at

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Labor Anger at Congressional Democrats
Could Forecast Major Losses
in Midterm Election

 RealAudio  MP3

Interview with Jane Slaughter,
staff writer with the publication Labor Notes,
conducted by Scott Harris


Just before the unexpected victory by Republican Scott Brown in the Jan. 19 Massachusetts special election to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, a union president expressed concern about the anger he was seeing among rank and file members toward congressional Democrats. One of the top complaints often heard was over the compromise reached between union officials and Democrats, accepting a tax imposed on union contract-negotiated health care benefits. As a candidate, President Obama had explicitly campaigned against the imposition of such a tax.

Brown's defeat of Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, Massachusetts attorney general, gave Republicans the 41st vote they needed to deny Democrats the 60 vote supermajority they need to block a minority fillbuster on health care reform legislation and other issues. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who had accepted the White House brokered compromise on taxing health insurance, warned in a January speech at the National Press Club: "In 1992, workers voted for Democrats who promised action on jobs, who talked about reining in corporate greed, and who promised health care reform. Instead, we got NAFTA, an emboldened Wall Street -- and not much more. In 1994, there was no way to persuade enough working Americans to go to the polls when they couldn't tell the difference between the two parties."

Unions worked hard and spent millions of dollars to elect Barack Obama to the White House and the largest majority in Congress in over 30 years. But many union activists are now feeling as though Democrats are turning their back on labor's top priority agenda items, such as comprehensive and affordable health care reform and passage of the Employee Free choice Act. Between the Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Jane Slaughter, a staff writer with the publication Labor Notes. She looks at the causes of growing anger at Democrats among union activists and the possible consequences for the party in the November 2010 midterm elections.

Read Jane Slaughter's articles online at

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This week's summary
of under-reported news

 RealAudio  MP3

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Growing fears over the future of democracy in Sri Lanka have emerged as President Mahinda Rajapakse, recently elected in a landslide, ordered opposition leader and former Army Chief Sarath Foneska arrested on charges of treason and conspiracy. ("Court Martial for Sri Lanka Loser; Assembly Sacked," Agence France Presse, Feb. 9, 2010; "Sri Lanka: Long Simmering Suspicions Led to Foneska's Arrest," Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 11, 2010)
  • Even if the ban on gays in military is lifted, there is still a high level of fear among gay soldiers, and few are expected to come out. ("More Tolerance for Gay Troops as End of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is debated," Washington Post, Feb. 10, 2010)
  • The rightwing blogosphere is still abuzz over Executive Order 12425, signed by President Obama in December, which gives Interpol special privileges in the U.S., such as an exemption from the Freedom of Information Act. ("Obama's Secret Police," Mother Jones, Feb. 5, 2010)

Executive producer: Scott Harris
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"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan

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"Christmas Day bomb suspect was read Miranda rights nine hours after arrest," Washington Post, Feb. 15, 2010

"Under Obama, more targeted killings than captures in counterterrorism efforts," Washington Post, Feb. 14, 2010

"Civis Romanus Sum: On the President's Power To Assassinate American Citizens," by Philip Giraldi,, Feb. 13, 2010

"Torture is a crime, not a state secret," by Matthew Harwood, Guardian/UK, Feb. 11, 2010

"Seven Paragraphs Are Not Enough: Release the 42 CIA Documents on Binyam Mohamed's Torture," by Jeff Kaye, Firedoglake, Feb. 11, 2010

"The torture memos show how illegal wars turn even the nicest people bad," by Simon Jenkins, Guardian/UK, Feb. 11, 2010

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Environment and Sustainability

"NALYSIS: Ecuador's Biodiverse Paradise Could Still Be Lost to Oil," by Pamela L. Martin, Ph.D., Environment News Service, Feb. 16, 2010

"Car culture and global energy conflict," by John Buell, Bangor Daily News (Maine), Feb. 15, 2010

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