Award-winning Investigative Journalist Robert Parry (1949-2018)

Award-winning investigative journalist and founder/editor of, Robert Parry has passed away. His ground-breaking work uncovering Reagan-era dirty wars in Central America and many other illegal and immoral policies conducted by successive administrations and U.S. intelligence agencies, stands as an inspiration to all in journalists working in the public interest.

Robert had been a regular guest on our Between The Lines and Counterpoint radio shows -- and many other progressive outlets across the U.S. over four decades.

His penetrating analysis of U.S. foreign policy and international conflicts will be sorely missed, and not easily replaced. His son Nat Parry writes a tribute to his father: Robert Parry’s Legacy and the Future of Consortiumnews.

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The Resistance Starts Now!

Between The Lines' coverage and resource compilation of the Resistance Movement

SPECIAL REPORT: "The Resistance - Women's March 2018 - Hartford, Connecticut" Jan. 20, 2018

Selected speeches from the Women's March in Hartford, Connecticut 2018, recorded and produced by Scott Harris

SPECIAL REPORT: "No Fracking Waste in CT!" Jan. 14, 2018

SPECIAL REPORT: "Resistance Round Table: The Unraveling Continues..." Jan. 13, 2018

SPECIAL REPORT: "Capitalism to the ash heap?" Richard Wolff, Jan. 2, 2018

SPECIAL REPORT: Maryn McKenna, author of "Big Chicken", Dec. 7, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Nina Turner's address, Working Families Party Awards Banquet, Dec. 14, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Mic Check, Dec. 12, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Resistance Roundtable, Dec. 9, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: On Tyranny - one year later, Nov. 28, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Mic Check, Nov. 12, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Resistance Roundtable, Nov. 11, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Rainy Day Radio, Nov. 7, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Rainy Day Radio, Nov. 7, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Resisting U.S. JeJu Island military base in South Korea, Oct. 24, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: John Allen, Out in New Haven

2017 Gandhi Peace Awards

Promoting Enduring Peace presented its Gandhi Peace Award jointly to renowned consumer advocate Ralph Nader and BDS founder Omar Barghouti on April 23, 2017.

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who helped make our 25th anniversary with Jeremy Scahill a success!

For those who missed the event, or were there and really wanted to fully absorb its import, here it is in video

Jeremy Scahill keynote speech, part 1 from PROUDEYEMEDIA on Vimeo.

Jeremy Scahill keynote speech, part 2 from PROUDEYEMEDIA on Vimeo.

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Between The Lines Presentation at the Left Forum 2016

"How Do We Build A Mass Movement to Reverse Runaway Inequality?" with Les Leopold, author of "Runaway Inequality: An Activist's Guide to Economic Justice,"May 22, 2016, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York, 860 11th Ave. (Between 58th and 59th), New York City. Between The Lines' Scott Harris and Richard Hill moderated this workshop. Listen to the audio/slideshows and more from this workshop.

Listen to audio of the plenary sessions from the weekend.

JEREMY SCAHILL: Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker "Dirty Wars"

Listen to the full interview (30:33) with Jeremy Scahill, an award-winning investigative journalist with the Nation Magazine, correspondent for Democracy Now! and author of the bestselling book, "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army," about America's outsourcing of its military. In an exclusive interview with Counterpoint's Scott Harris on Sept. 16, 2013, Scahill talks about his latest book, "Dirty Wars, The World is a Battlefield," also made into a documentary film under the same title, and was nominated Dec. 5, 2013 for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category.

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This Week on Between The Lines

Posted Jan. 22, 2017


Jan. 20, 2017 – The Trump Resistance Starts Now!

Voices and Images from the Revival of the Progressive Movement

See Between The Lines at the 2017 Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the Women's March on Washington

Posted Jan. 18, 2017 for week ending Jan. 27, 2017


"Why in the world we wanted to take a military alliance such as NATO in the wake of the Soviet collapse and bring it closer to the Russian border in a time of tremendous Russian weakness is something I will never understand. I think that was a huge strategic mistake."

– Melvin Goodman, former CIA analyst and author who currently serves as a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy on why he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin "had enough" and committed to the defeat of Hillary Clinton

Listen to the entire program using these links, or to individual interviews via the links appearing prior to each segment description below.

  MP3  64 kb/s   podcast  Podcast

Trump, Russia and How U.S. Provoked a New Cold War

MP3 Interview with Mel Goodman, former CIA analyst and author who currently serves as a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, conducted by Scott Harris


Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20, with the lowest approval rating of any president in recent American history. Questions about Trump’s legitimacy have been fueled by U.S. intelligence agencies' conclusion that Russia had launched cyber-attacks targeting the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to hurt the Democratic candidate and boost Trump. Dozens of embarrassing Clinton emails were passed on to WikiLeaks in the closing weeks of the election campaign, which were then published across the U.S. and the world. More than 50 Democratic lawmakers say they won’t attend Trump’s inauguration to protest Russia’s alleged role in his victory as well as recent insults hurled by the president-elect at civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.  Story continues

Organizing Social Self-Defense Under the Trump Regime

MP3 Interview with Jeremy Brecher, historian, author and activist, co-founder of the Labor Network for Sustainability, conducted by Scott Harris


After a polarizing presidential election campaign like few others in U.S. political history, Donald Trump will enter the White House with a majority of Americans disapproving of the erratic real estate billionaire. An ABC News-Washington Post poll published on Jan. 17 found that 54 percent of people surveyed viewed Trump unfavorably, with only 40 percent viewing him positively. That's the lowest favorability for any incoming president since Jimmy Carter in 1977. The next-lowest rated president in previous polls was George W. Bush in 2001, but with a rating 16 points higher than Trump's.  Story continues

Deal Reached to Close Indian Point, One of America's Most Dangerous Nuclear Power Plants

MP3 Interview with Paul Gunter, director of the Reactor Oversight Project at the group Beyond Nuclear, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


The Indian Point nuclear power plant is located on the Hudson River less than 30 miles north of New York City, posing a threat to the city’s 8 million residents and to millions more who live in upstate New York and in western Connecticut. Indian Point provides one-quarter of the electricity consumed by New York City and Westchester County. Anti-nuclear activists have been trying to close the aging and accident-prone plant for decades, which many critics have dubbed one of the most dangerous nuclear power plants in America. In recent years, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also campaigned for Indian Point’s closure.  Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

MP3  MP3

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • For the second time, the government of Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has sought to shut down Accion Ecologica, one of Latin America’s most prominent environmental organizations and rainforest protectors. ("Ecuador’s Leading Environmental Group Fights to Stop Forced Closure," The Guardian, Jan. 7, 2017)
  • Public sector unions won an unexpected victory in the Friedrich vs. Calif. Teachers Assoc. case, when an evenly split US Supreme Court upheld the right of unions to collect agency fees from members it represents in collective bargaining. Before the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the conservative majority on the high court appeared ready to overturn the 1977 ruling that gave public sector unions the right to collect agency fees. In the end, the Court split 4 to 4 and upheld the right of public unions to collect these fees. ("Labor Opponents Already Have The Next ‘Friedrichs’ SCOTUS Case Ready to Go Under Trump," In These Times, Jan. 4, 2017)
  • President Obama’s executive order “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or (DACA)” gave temporary protection to undocumented immigrant Dreamers to get an education, find a job and most importantly move out of the shadows. Over 750,000 Dreamers who took advantage of DACA are now in limbo as incoming President Trump has pledged to terminate the program. ("Undocumented and Exposed," American Prospect, Jan. 9, 2017; "For Immigrant 'Dreamers,' An Uncertain Future," Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 4, 2017)

Recent Shows


Week Ending Jan. 20, 2017

  • MP3 Robert Borosage:  As Trump Moves into the White House, Democrats Need a Bold New Vision
  • MP3 George Lakey:  Scandinavian Economic Model Provides Blueprint for a More Egalitarian Society
  • MP3 Ted Glick:  Activist's Fast to Pressure Obama to Grant Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier Executive Clemency

Week Ending Jan. 13, 2017

  • MP3 Richard Silverstein:  Obama's Break with Israel's Settler Expansion Too Little, Too Late
  • MP3 Chip Gibbons:  Trump and Cabinet Nominees Pose a Grave Threat to Civil Liberties
  • MP3 Steve Palumbi:  Climate Change's Rising Ocean Temperatures Bleaching and Killing Earth's Vital Coral

Week Ending Jan. 6, 2017

  • MP3 Greg Palast:  Here's Why the GOP Fought So Hard to Stop Rust Belt State Vote Recount
  • MP3 Wendell Potter:  Trump Pledge to Repeal Obamacare Will Trigger Insurance Marketplace Chaos and Political Backlash
  • MP3 Marty Hayden:  Trump and GOP Threaten to Overturn Obama's New Mining Stream Protection Rule


Week Ending Dec. 30, 2016

  • MP3 Drew Courtney:  Sen. Jeff Sessions' Attorney General Nomination Among Trump's Most Dangerous Cabinet Picks
  • MP3 Benjamin Schreiber:  Trump Administration Intent on Eviscerating Environmental and Climate Protection Regulations
  • MP3 Rebecca Vilkomerson:  Trump's New Extremist Ambassador to Israel Removes Fig Leaf from U.S. Middle East Policy

Week Ending Dec. 23, 2016

  • MP3 Michael Corcoran:  To Stop Trump Agenda, Progressive Activists Must Push Democrats to Boldly Resist
  • MP3 Stacy Mitchell:  New Report Warns of's Increasing Dominance, Endangering Competition and Democracy
  • MP3 Stephanie Tsosie:  Tribe Welcomes Army Corps Decision on Dakota Access Pipeline, But Fight Far From Over

Week Ending Dec. 16, 2016

  • MP3 Nancy Altman:  Trump Cabinet Pick Advocates Privatization of Medicare
  • MP3 Cassady Fendlay:  Women's March on Washington Challenging Trump Agenda Gathers National Momentum
  • MP3 Johanna Rupprecht:  Campaign Wins Ban on Frac Sand Mining in Minnesota's Winona County

Week Ending Dec. 9, 2016

  • MP3 Steven Rosenfeld:  Election Recounts in Key Battleground States Will Reveal Deep Flaws in U.S. Electoral Machinery
  • MP3 Robert Jensen:  Passive U.S. Media Moving Quickly to Normalize Trump's Hate Speech and Stream of Nonstop Lies
  • MP3 Ron Pauley:  GOP Senate Leader Blocking Bill to Extend Promised Health Care to Retired Coal Miners

Week Ending Dec. 2, 2016

  • MP3 Drew Courtney:  Opponents Organize to Block Expected Trump Muslim Registry and Jeff Sessions' Attorney General Nomination
  • MP3 Greg Palast:  GOP Wrongly Purged More Than 1 Million Votes, Changing Election Outcome
  • MP3 Kyle Bailey:  Maine Becomes First State in Nation to Adopt Ranked Choice Voting System


Week Ending Nov. 25, 2016

  • MP3 Thomas Frank:  Democrats' Failure to Address Economic Insecurity Gave Trump Election Advantage
  • MP3 Dr. Willie Parker:  Trump's Vow to Make Abortion Illegal Will Have Greatest Impact on Nation's Poor
  • MP3 Chris Pearson:  Viable Campaign Underway to Nullify America's Undemocratic Electoral College

Week Ending Nov. 18, 2016

  • MP3 Robert Parry:  Will Russia's Role in U.S. Election Provoke or Avert New Cold War?
  • MP3 John P. Geyman:  Obamacare Insurance Rate Increases Prompt Renewed Call for Medicare for All
  • MP3 Anthony Rogers-Wright:  Climate Activists Brace for Post-Election Fight to Rein in Fossil Fuels Expansion

Week Ending Nov. 11, 2016

  • MP3 Sue Udry:  Civil Liberties Groups Will Push Next President For Stronger Surveillance Reforms
  • MP3 Matt Wood:  Proposed AT&T-Time Warner Merger Provokes Broad Opposition
  • MP3 Corey Menafee:  Campaign to Change Yale University College Pro-Slavery Namesake Gains Momentum

Week Ending Nov. 4, 2016

  • MP3 Marge Baker:  Next President Will Have the Power to Shift Direction of Supreme Court
  • MP3 Brigid Flaherty:  Women Rise Up to Protest Trump's Boast of Sexual Assault and GOP's Legacy of Sexism
  • MP3 Roger Salazar:  California's Proposition 61 Threatens Drug Company Monopoly Pricing


Week Ending Oct. 28, 2016

  • MP3 Mark Ames:  Charges of Russian Interference in U.S. Election Adds to Fear of New Cold War
  • MP3 Bill Fletcher Jr.:  A Post-Election Strategy for the U.S. Progressive Movement
  • MP3 Arlinda Tray Johns:  Formerly Incarcerated Woman Strives to Become an Attorney and Fight for Criminal Justice Reform

Week Ending Oct. 21, 2016

  • MP3 Jennifer Clark:  Group Warns Trump's 'Election Observers' Can Lead to Voter Intimidation
  • MP3 Shane Burley:  'Alt-Right' White Supremacists Organizing Support on U.S. College Campuses
  • MP3 Chris Schweitzer:  City Promotes Dialogue on Climate Change as Essential Prerequisite to Action

Week Ending Oct. 14, 2016

  • MP3 Chris Knestrick:  Colombian Voters Narrowly Reject Peace Agreement to End 52 Years of War
  • MP3 Mary Katherine Nagle:  Resistance to Dakota Access Pipeline Part of Larger Struggle to Protect Indigenous Rights
  • MP3 Adele M. Stan:  Donors Linked with Koch Brothers Network Funding Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson

Week Ending Oct. 7, 2016

  • MP3 Kennette Benedict:  Obama Administration Rejects Adopting Nuclear Weapons No-First Use Pledge
  • MP3 Kevin Alexander Gray:  Professional Athletes Stepping Up to Protest Police Violence and Racial Injustice
  • MP3 John Harrity:  Machinists Union Adopts Resolution Making the Fight Against Climate Change a Priority


Week Ending Sept. 30, 2016

  • MP3 Trevor Timm:  U.S. Human Rights Groups Press Obama to Grant Snowden Presidential Pardon
  • MP3 Hugh MacMillan:  Report Details Wall Street Banks Financing Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline
  • MP3 Patricia Hynes:  U.S. Military Industrial Complex a Major Contributor to Climate Change Crisis

Week Ending Sept. 23, 2016

  • MP3 Melinda St. Louis:  Coalition Organizing to Stop Passage of TPP Free Trade Pact in Lame Duck Session of Congress
  • MP3 Rahna Epting:  Campaign Launched to Make Democracy Reform Focus of 1st Presidential Debate
  • MP3 Paul Winter:  Paul Winter's New Song Supports Movement to Free Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier

Week Ending Sept. 16, 2016

  • MP3 Laura Carlsen:  Mexicans Contemptuous of Trump and Their President After Embarrassing Meeting
  • MP3 Cody Hall:  Indigenous Nations Resist Construction of North Dakota Access Oil Pipeline
  • MP3 James S. Henry:  EU Imposes $14.5 Billion Tax on Apple After Tax Avoidance Scheme Uncovered

Week Ending Sept. 9, 2016

  • MP3 Michael Beer:  Turkey Invades Northern Syria and Attacks U.S.-Backed Kurdish Rebels
  • MP3 Chip Berlet:  Alt-Right Racists Leading Trump Campaign Enter Upper Echelon of Mainstream U.S. Politics
  • MP3 Chad Cordell:  After Long Campaign, West Virginia DEP Shuts Down Mountaintop Removal Mine Near State Forest

Week Ending Sept. 2, 2016


Week Ending Aug. 26, 2016

  • MP3 Robert Parry:  Ahead in the Polls, Hillary Clinton Embraces GOP Neocon War Hawks
  • MP3 Michael Hendryx:  West Virginia Asks for Health Study to Determine Health Impact of Mountaintop Coal Mining
  • MP3 Brian Tashman:  Trump and Rubio's Attendance at Anti-LGBTQ Extremist Event Sends Message of Intolerance

Week Ending Aug. 19, 2016

  • MP3 Paul Kawika Martin:  U.S. Poised to Build New Generation of Nuclear Weapons As World Marks 71 Years Since Atomic Bombing of Japan
  • MP3 Bob Zellner:  Moral Revolution of Values Tour Carries on Civil and Human Rights Struggle
  • MP3 Kristen Breitweiser:  9/11 Widow Demands Investigation and Accountability for Alleged Saudi Link to Sept. 11 Attack

Week Ending Aug. 12, 2016

  • MP3 Chuck Collins:  Inequality a Major Issue in U.S. Presidential Election Campaign, First Time in Decades
  • MP3 Mark Weisbrot:  U.S. Legislators Question Integrity of Brazil's Impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff
  • MP3 Claire Miller:  Environmental Groups Call for Halt to New England Natural Gas Energy Conversion

Week Ending Aug. 5, 2016

  • MP3 Jeff Cohen:  Sanders Supporters Disaffected Over Clinton's Choice of Sen. Tim Kaine as Running Mate
  • MP3 Frederick Clarkson:  Christian Right Still Setting the Culture War Agenda for Republicans
  • MP3 Anne Rolfes:  Grassroots Campaign Launched to End New Oil and Gas Drilling Leases in Gulf of Mexico


Week Ending July 29, 2016

  • MP3 Ben Beachy:  Leaked Documents Reveal TTIP Free Trade Agreement Would Undermine Climate, Environment, Consumer Protections
  • MP3 Pilar Schiavo:  Bernie Sanders and Supporters Push Democratic Party to Adopt Medicare-for-All in Party Platform
  • MP3 Craig Aaron:  Federal Appeals Court Upholds FCC's Net Neutrality Rules, Protecting Open Internet

Week Ending July 22, 2016

  • MP3 Graylan Hagler:  After Week's Tragic Violence, Americans Remain Divided on Issues of Police Accountability and Race
  • MP3 David Swanson:  Britain's Chilcot Report on Iraq War Deceptions Highlights Lack of Accountability in U.K. and U.S.
  • MP3 Katelyn Parady:  Campaign Launched to Incorporate Climate Justice Mandates in the New England Cap and Trade Program

Week Ending July 15, 2016

  • MP3 Scott Swenson:  Does Supreme Court's Overturning Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell Graft Conviction Decriminalize Corruption?
  • MP3 Joshua Pribanic:  Probe Sought Into Government Suppression of Link Between Water Contamination and Fracking
  • MP3 Andrew Hanauer:  Flawed Oversight Board Formed to Address Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Defended as Only Alternative

Week Ending July 8, 2016

  • MP3 Nina Eichacker:  EU Austerity Policies and Dim Economic Prospects Provoked UK's Brexit Vote
  • MP3 Mario A. Murillo:  Colombia and FARC Guerrillas Reach Agreement on Bilateral Cease-Fire
  • MP3 Joe Foran:  Deadlocked Supreme Court Effectively Kills Obama Deportation Deferral Program

Week Ending July 1, 2016

  • MP3 Ladd Everitt:  After Orlando, Congress Once Again Fails to Pass Measures to Reduce Gun Violence
  • MP3 Sarah Warbelow:  Orlando Massacre the Latest in Hate Crimes Epidemic Targeting America's LGBTQ Community
  • MP3 Dixon Osburn:  U.S. Civil Case Pursues Justice in 1973 Murder of Chilean Singer Victor Jara


Week Ending June 24, 2016

  • MP3 Stacey Hopkins:  Sanders Campaign Offshoot, "Brand New Congress," Continues Political Revolution
  • MP3 Rachel Curley:  #WeThePeople Democracy Reform Bills Target Big Money in U.S. Politics
  • MP3 Art Tanderup:  Bold Nebraska Activists Share Tactics Which Helped Defeat Keystone XL Pipeline

Week Ending June 17, 2016

  • MP3 Mark Weisbrot:  Latin American Left Suffers Political, Economic Setbacks, But Remains a Potent Force
  • MP3 Robert Howarth:  Rising Levels of Methane Feed Menace of Climate Change
  • MP3 Irene Aguilar:  Colorado Voters Could Enact Nation's First Single-Payer Health Care System this November

Week Ending June 10, 2016

  • MP3 Philip Weiss:  Israel's Appointment of Extremist Defense Minister Triggers Alarm Around the World
  • MP3 Kim Fraczek:  Winning Campaign by New York Anti-Pipeline Activists Could Serve as a Model Across the U.S.
  • MP3 Charles Lenchner:  What's Next for the Movement Behind Bernie Sanders?

Week Ending June 3, 2016

  • MP3 Paul Kawika Martin:  As Obama Makes Historic Visit to Hiroshima, Scholars Urge Action to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
  • MP3 Becky Meier:  Activists Defeat Gas Pipeline Projects, Work to Recruit NIMBY Neighbors to Climate Fight
  • MP3 Tariq Ali:  Growing Worldwide Movement Resists Rising Economic Inequality and Austerity