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Between The Lines
Summit of the Americas Protest Archives
April 20-21, 2001

Special FTAA Report

LISTEN to these special segments on the FTAA by clicking on one of the links below. We will continue to update our archive with more photos in coming weeks.

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This week we present Between The Lines' summary of under-reported news stories and:

Breaking the Barricades: The Battle Against the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Quebec City
Produced by Scott Harris.

Protesters' peace signs Protesters' peace signs2
Shortly after knocking down the fence, groups of protesters immediately sat down on the ground and raised their hands in peace signs, April 21, 2001. Police began firing teargas canisters behind them shortly after, and in some parts of the city maintained a steady stream of teargas for the entire weekend. Click on image to enlarge. (Photos by Jeremy Nelson).

Behind a 2.4-mile long concrete and wire fence, leaders from every nation in the hemisphere, except for Cuba gathered in Quebec City for the Summit of the Americas April 20-22 to negotiate the Free Trade Area of the Americas. The FTAA, an economic treaty modeled after the controversial North American Free Trade Agreement, would extend many of the same regulations found in NAFTA to the nations of North, South and Central America.

While the heads of state met with their corporate allies to move toward implementation of the FTAA by 2005, activists outside this 400-year-old walled city staged militant protests condemning the secrecy of the negotiations and the erosion of democracy they claim is the result of surrendering government power to transnational corporations. Between The Lines' Scott Harris has this special report.

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Corporate Security State Protects Wealthy Elite from Citizen Dissent
Vice chair of the Council of Canadians says transnational corporations have become the new dictators
Produced by Scott Harris.

The week preceding the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City more than 2,000 delegates from around the hemisphere gathered at the People's Summit held in a large tent at Quebec's old port. There, they articulated an alternative vision to corporate-led globalization, the target of a growing global social justice movement in Quebec City and elsewhere. Labor leaders, environmentalists, human rights and indigenous rights activists were among the participants.

In the final session of the People's Summit, April 21st, French farmer Jose Bove, well-known for his 1999 bulldozing of a McDonald's restaurant in France, spoke to an overflow crowd. Also speaking was Council of Canadians vice chair Tony Clarke who strongly condemned the development of the "corporate security state."

Tony Clarke is author of "Global Showdown" Contact the Council by calling (613) 233-3773 or visit their Web site at:

Related speeches:

Photographers: Jeremy Nelson, Scott Harris, Anna Manzo
Web editor/producer: Anna Manzo
Executive producer: Scott Harris

... MORE ...

April 17-22, 2001 FTAA Summit Protest Resources

Stop the FTAA Web site,, Excellent activist resource on what the FTAA is, and what's happening where in the U.S. and Canada

"Labor, Environmental and Human Rights Groups Organizing to Oppose April Americas Free Trade Treaty Summit in Quebec City" Between The Lines interview with Alliance for Responsible Trade's Karen Hansen Kuhn, Feb. 26, 2001

"Quebec City Crackdown,", by Darryl LeRoux, Feb. 20, 2001

People's Summit of the Americas II, Grassroots coalition Schedule of Events for people's forums, teach-ins, rallies, mass demonstration. (

Quebec Independent Media Center

ZNet's Global Economic Crisis resource site Excellent source for understanding global economics and trade issues and particularly in preparation for ongoing demonstrations about economic justice


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From July 17, 2000

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