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Global Social Justice Movement Background Information

World Trade Organization Protest in Seattle, Nov. 30, 1999
International Monetary Fund-World Bank Protest in Washington D.C., April 16-17, 2000
Republican National Convention Protest in Philadelphia, July 29-Aug. 3, 2000
Democratic National Convention Protest in Los Angeles, Aug. 13-15, 2000

... and many others around the world. See the global site for schedule of events and how to get involved

We continue (as time permits) to archive our collection of interviews and Web links which have contacts and breaking news about the global social justice movement. (Audio files in RealAudio formats. We are no longer providing MP3 files due to archival issues.)

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Activists and concerned individuals: Dismayed by the lack of major media coverage of the protests during the Democratic Convention? Here's one example of a letter that you can write to the major media letting them know you feel they have been negligent in their coverage: Scott Harris' letter to PBS News Hour producers over their failure to include protest organizers in the in-studio roundtable discussion on Aug. 17, 2000.

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Breaking news from Independent Media Centers on-site at protests around the world:
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The issues:
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Justice in the world

Democratic and Republican National Convention Protest Interviews
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Why a Multi-issue Coalition Protested at Democratic National Convention

Arrested Ruckus Society Director Condemns Police Crackdown on Direct Action Protests
Veteran civil rights activist Jonathan Kozol sees renewal of a movement -- this time, protesting a "war here at home with often silent victims"
    July 30 interview with veteran civil rights, anti-Vietnam War activist Jonathan Kozol describes today's growing global social justice movement: same thoughtful, unselfish protesters of then and now, only with a much more multi-ethnic, multi-class structure that includes teachers and social workers he's not seen since 1968.
Shadow Conventions Convener Jim Wallis Comments on Streets Protests
    Aug. 1 interview with Shadow Conventions organizer Jim Wallis.

Organizers Say Police Brutality Meant to Intimidate Social Justice Activists

    Kris Hermes of the R2K Legal Collective, provides an Aug. 8 update on the status of hundreds of imprisoned activists, many of whom are practicing jail solidarity by refusing to cooperate with authorities
Woman Reports on Police Assault at GOP Convention Demonstrations in Philadelphia
    At an Aug. 1 R2K press conference, a 36-year-old woman from Washington D.C. (affinity group name "Bork") appeared before reporters with a grapefruit-sized bruise on her face. She describes how police wrapped her in her own banner and dragged her down the street as they kicked her.


Mothers, Partners, Wives, Sisters March for Their Loved Ones' Lives
    Phoebe Jones Schellenberg of the International Wages for Housework Campaign and an organizers of the Aug. 2 "Mothers, Partners, Sisters, Wives Marching for Our Loved Ones' Lives" pointing out the detrimental effects of corporate globalization and military spending on women and their families across the globe. She addresses more than 100 activists who gathered at Philadelphia's Welcome Park before they set out on a protest march to offices of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; The Federal Building and the headquarters of the Rohm & Haas Chemical Company. At the beginning of the march was a giant puppet symbolizing women in their roles as mothers, office, health and home care, and office workers.
    (RealAudio format)
When Puppets Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Puppets
    Elizabeth Tubb, a teacher from Worcester, Mass. and puppetmaker, discusses why several hundred demonstrators are gathered Aug. 2 in a park directly across the street from the Philadelphia Round House city jail, where some 400 activists are being held for engaging in acts of civil disobedience from the previous day. This number includes about 75 puppetmakers who were being detained on "conspiracy" charges, when police raided a building where puppets were made at 41st and Haverford. The police had said they were searching for C-4 explosives but found none.
    (RealAudio format)
Civil Rights Lawyer Discusses Police Raid on Puppetmakers
    Philadelphia civil rights attorney Larry Krasner discusses the Aug. 1 police raid on a building where puppets were being made for protests at the GOP convention. The police stated they were searching for C-4 explosives.

Thousands Defy Ban on Poor People's March
    Cheri Honkala of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union assesses 7/31 march for economic human rights after thousands of protesters defiantly marched to site of GOP convention despite city's denial of permits.
    (RealAudio format)
Veteran activist David McReynolds contrasts the "New Left" with the "New New Left"
    David McReynolds, War Resisters League, Socialist Party President, reflects on new activist movement and contrasts with the anti-Vietnam War movement of the 1960s and 70s.
    (RealAudio format)

Mike Morrill on the Unity 2000 organizing effort

    Mike Morrill, Unity 2000 rally organizer speaks at the end of the rally on the police intimidation and the organizing effort.

Ralph Nader Offers Plan to Establish Universal Health Care

    Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader spoke at a July 30 rally at Philadelphia's Love Park for universal health care and criticizes the major political parties for their failure to establish a national health care system. He offers a plan to organize political action.

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