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Between The Lines

Between The Lines Q&A/Transcripts

Between The Lines Q&A/Transcripts

New global social justice movement organizing for summer political conventions and beyondJune 30, 2000 interview with Kevin Danaher, an organizer with Global Exchange and co-editor of the book "Globalize This! The BattleAgainst The World Trade Organization," examines the future direction of the social justice movement born in Seattle and Washington D.C.

Major demonstrations planned for GOP convention May 15, 2000 interview with Michael Morrill, Unity 2000 organizer, who describes the goals and obstacles in preparing protests targeting this summer's Republican National Convention in

IMF-World Bank Protesters Planning Class Action Lawsuit May 5, 2000 interview with Mark Goldstone, attorney with the National Lawyers Guild, examines the constitutionality of mass arrests of activists during April protest in Washington, D.C. against the International Monetary Fund and World public archives

IMF/World Bank Policies Spark Protest in Washington, D.C April 17, 2000 interview with Soren Ambrose, with 50 Years Is Enough Network, discusses the International Monetary Fund and World Bank's record and economic policies with poor nations.

Is Big Oil Cashing in on OPEC's Production Cuts? March 31, 2000 interview with Winonah Hauter, executive director with Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project, examines the role of big oil companies in recent increases in the price of gasoline.

"Clinton Budget Cuts Social Investment Programs to Historic Lows" March 3, 2000 interview with Max Sawicky, Economic Policy Institute economist. Max Sawicky assesses President Clinton's federal budget proposal and the national debate over social investment.

"Minority Youth Disproportionately Transferred to Adult Prisons" Feb. 18, 2000 interview with Mike Males, co-author of a report titled the "Color of Justice," which documents racial bias in the treatment of youthful offenders in California's criminal justice system.

"More billionaires, more bankruptcies: Whose 'economic boom' is it?" Jan. 28, 2000 interview with Chuck Collins, co-director of United for a Fair Economy. A new United For a Fair Economy report shows the boom of the 1990s has left Americans more economically polarized and

"Right-wing extremists exploit public's opposition to globalization" Dec. 17, 1999 interview with Martin Lee, author of "The Beast Reawakens", who warns of the connection between the resurgence of neo-fascist groups and the drive for economic globalization. Toward Freedom/

"U.S.-China Trade Deal Threatens Workers' Rights" Nov. 26, 1999 interview with Michael Dolan, deputy director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, argues that the recent U.S.-China trade agreement -- aiding China's entry into the World Trade Organization -- would lead to a global deterioration of workers' rights and wages.

"Ralph Nader Condemns Banking Deregulation" Nov. 12, 1999 interview with Ralph Nader, citizen activist and consumer advocate, who condemns legislation that would deregulate the nation's banking industry -- allowing the creation of giant banking, insurance and securities conglomerates with greater access and control over your personal financial and health information -- all protected by taxpayer bailout if they

"World Trade Organization Undermines Democracy" Oct. 22, 1999 interview with Michelle Sforza, research director with the Washington, D.C.-based Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, who summarizes the findings of her group's study of the five-year record of the World Trade Organization.

"A New Global Nuclear Arms Race?" Oct. 22, 1999 Gordon Clark, executive director of Peace Action, who explains why his group is alarmed that Senate Republicans have blocked ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Toward Freedom/

"Millennial Apocalypse for the World's Nuclear Powers?" Oct. 1, 1999 interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York, who analyzes the risk of Y2K-related accidents at nuclear power plants with the military's nuclear weapons systems.
Toward Freedom/

"U.S. Complicity in East Timor's Chaos" Sept. 22, 1999 interview with Seth Ackerman, media analyst with the New York City-based group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, who examines what the U.S. press corps has left out of their coverage of the latest carnage in East Timor.

"Can 'Frankenfoods' Feed the World's Hungry?" Sept. 17, 1999 interview with Peter Rosset, director of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, who examines the international debate over genetically engineered foods that has sparked a trade war between Europe and the United States.
Minorities' Job Bank/African-American Village/

"Welfare Reform: War on the Poor?" Sept. 10, 1999 interview with Wendell Primus, director of income security at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, D.C., who assesses the effects of welfare reform legislation -- enacted in 1996 -- on the nation's poorest families.


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