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Scott Harris, Best Radio News Reporter
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"Giving Voice to Dissent: Bridgeport's WPKN Radio Covers The News With Left-Of-Center Takes Not Found In The Mainstream Media" Hartford Courant, Feb. 26, 2003

"The Rest of the News," New Haven Advocate, July 3, 2003

"The Rest of the News," New Haven Advocate, July 3, 2003


War And Profiteering

"Iran: The Next War," by James Bamford, Rolling Stone, July 24, 2006

Those Who Dared to Come Forward
Compilation of Washington insiders speaking out on Bush administration policies and actions

Project for the New American Century's Letter to President Clinton on Iraq, Jan. 26, 1998 Urges President Clinton to remove the threat that Iraq poses by stating a strategy to do so in his "upcoming State of the Union Address."

"Iraq On The Record," U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman report, March 16, 2004

"Greenspan Testimony Highlights Bush Plan for Deliberate Federal Bankruptcy," by Michael Meurer,, March 2, 2004

"Noam Chomsky on Middle East Conflict and U.S. War Plan Against Iraq," Between The Lines interview with Noam Chomsky, conducted by Scott Harris, for the Week Ending May 3, 2002

"The Iraq War & The Bush Administration's Pursuit of Global Domination," Counterpoint, Sept. 15, 2003

The Iraq Crisis, a Global Policy Forum, U.N. Security Council section on the 13 years of sanctions and other background of the war, the humanitarian situation, the importance of Iraq's huge oil resources, and disputes over a post-war government and reconstruction plan

"Occupation, Inc." Southern Exposure, Winter, 2003/2004

"Pipeline Politics: Oil, The Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia," World Press Review Special Report, Nov.-Dec. 2001

"War Profiteering," by The Nation editors, April 24, 2003

"An Annotated Saddam Chronology," ZNet, Dec. 15, 2003

Civil Liberties

"The Global Gulag: Into The Shadows," by Tom Engelhardt,, April 5, 2004

"Keeping Secrets: The Bush administration is doing the public's business out of the public eye. Here's how--and why," by Christopher H. Schmitt and Edward T. Pound, U.S. News & World Report, Dec. 12, 2003

"FBI Memo: Tactics Used During Protests And Demonstrations" Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oct. 15, 2003

"F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies" by Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Nov. 23, 2003

"Fascism Anyone?" 14 Signs of Fascism, Free Inquiry Magazine, Volume 23, No. 2

"Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism," The Crisis Papers, June 9, 2003

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Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson's Commentaries, The Hutchinson Report
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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending Aug. 18, 2006


Thank you for making our July 7 music benefit a success!

The Furors

Our special thank yous to Cafe Nine, The Furors, The Sawtelles, Hygiene Wilder, James Velvet with Johnny Memphis, Shellye Valauskas , and Hank Hoffman for organizing the event, as well as special thanks to Best Video for donating raffle items and all who came to listen and support our cause.


"The Case for Impeachment"

Co-authors journalist David Lindorff and Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Barbara Olshansky speak about their book, "The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office," at the United Church on the Green, in New Haven, June 24.

A video DVD and audio CD is in production for our June 24 event, "The Case for Impeachment," with journalist David Lindorff and Center for Constitutional Rights attorney, Barbara Olshansky
Click here for information about this event! Or e-mail us at if you would like pricing and delivery information.

  • Progressive Jewish Group
    Pushes for Just Settlement of
    Middle East Conflicts

    For story text and audio, Click here!

  • Military Sources Say U.S. Has Sent
    Cruise Missile First Strike Attack Team to Israel

    For story text and audio, Click here!

  • Government/Industry Effort to Revive
    Nuclear Power is Misguided and Dangerous

    For story text and audio, Click here!

  • Underreported News Summary
    from Around the World

    For full summary, Click here!
LISTEN to this week's half-hour program of Between The Lines by clicking on one of the links below. MP3 files available until Aug. 22, 2006.

This week we present Between The Lines' summary of under-reported news stories and:

Progressive Jewish Group
Pushes for Just Settlement of
Middle East Conflicts

Interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner,
editor of Tikkun magazine,
conducted by Scott Harris


Since Israel launched their offensive against the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon July 12, the death toll, according to Mohammad Khalifeh, the country's health minister, has reached 925 people confirmed dead and 75 missing and presumed killed. He said most of the victims were civilians and around a third were children under the age of 13. Israel has lost 94 people, mostly soldiers, in the conflict which is now entering its fifth week.

A cease-fire resolution put forward by the United States and France at the U.N. was rejected by the Lebanese government and foreign ministers representing 20 Arab states. Lebanon's prime minister Fouad Siniora criticized the proposal that would allow Israeli troops to remain in southern Lebanon until a multi-national force can be deployed there. Instead he offered to send 15,000 Lebanese troops to the region if Israel withdraws, a plan supported by two Hezbollah ministers. Israel dismissed the overture and said if diplomatic efforts fail, its ground offensive inside Lebanon would be broadened to stop Hezbollah from firing missiles into northern Israel.

Amid the violence in the Middle East, a U.S.-based progressive Jewish magazine has placed advertisements in influential U.S. newspapers calling for the international community to foster a new comprehensive approach to resolving long-standing conflicts in the Middle East. Between the Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, who explains his group's vision for how a sustainable and just peace can be achieved.

Contact Tikkun by calling (510) 644-1200 or visit their website at

Related links:

Military Sources Say U.S. Has Sent
Cruise Missile First Strike Attack Team to Israel

Interview with Bruce Gagnon,
coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons in Space, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


On Aug. 6, the day commemorating the U.S. atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima Japan in 1945, the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space issued a statement that warned that the U.S. and Israel are selecting targets for a cruise missile first-strike attack. The group said that multiple military sources informed them that Pentagon personnel responsible for selecting targets for cruise missile first-strike attacks have been sent to Israel.

Bruce Gagnon, co-founder of the Global Network, warns that this information indicates that the U.S. and Israeli military strategists may be meeting to plan a joint attack on Syria and/or Iran. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Commander Joe Carpenter told Between the Lines, "I could envision no scenario where first strike planners would be in Israel." However, he did acknowledge that the U.S. has transferred weapons to Israel since the war with Lebanon broke out a month ago.

The Global Network was founded in 1992 to oppose the arms race in space. Based in Brunswick, Maine, co-founder Bruce Gagnon has staffed the organization since its inception, developing contacts within the military on a variety of issues. Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with Gagnon about his group's assertion and this potentially dangerous expansion of the war in Lebanon.

Contact the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space by calling (207) 729-0517 or visit the group's website at

Government/Industry Effort to Revive
Nuclear Power is Misguided and Dangerous

Interview with Harvey Wasserman,
author and energy activist,
conducted by Scott Harris


With wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan and between Israel, Lebanon and Palestine -- U.S. citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the negative consequences linked to America's dependence on Middle East oil. The rising costs -- both in blood and money -- of running an economy dependent on petroleum are forcing people to look for energy alternatives. Daily reminders of global warming, such as record-setting heat waves that have killed thousands, and melting glaciers and ice caps are also motivating government and industry to look for ways to break the nation's addiction to fossil fuels connected to the production of greenhouse gases.

In the midst of this crisis, the Bush administration and the energy industry are promoting nuclear power as an alternative to both high-priced oil and a solution to global warming. The national Energy Policy Act of 2005 made billions of dollars in federal subsidies available for nuclear power plant construction. Sixteen utilities are now making tentative plans to build new atomic stations 35 years after work began on the last U.S. nuclear plant.

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with energy activist Harvey Wasserman, author of "Solartopia: Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030," who takes a critical look at the high costs and dangers associated with nuclear power and the viability of alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind power.

Read Harvey Wasserman's articles online at

This week's summary
of under-reported news

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • A month after Mexico's disputed July 2nd presidential election, the Mexican Federal Elections Judicial Tribunal rejected an appeal for a complete recount of the 41 million votes cast, and instead ordered a recount of nine percent of voting stations in areas dominated by the ruling National Action Party. ("Part Vote Recount Ordered in Mexico," Washington Post, Aug. 6, 2006; "Mexican Runner-up Remains Defiant," Associated Press, Aug. 7, 2006; "Mexican Candidate Ready for a Long Battle," Aug. 6, 2006)
  • U.S. immigration officials reportedly are inconsistent in handling political asylum cases from the Democratic Republic of Congo. ("Roadblocks to Asylum," The Progressive, June 2006)
  • Multiple problems arising in the Ohio state election system, as Ohio's Republican Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell creates controversy in running the state election system while he runs for governor. ("The Coming Ballot Meltdown," The Nation, July 17/24, 2006)

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Executive producer: Scott Harris
Segment producers: Scott Harris, Melinda Tuhus
Senior news editor: Bob Nixon
Program narration: Denise Manzari
News reader: Elaine Osowski
News copy editing: Chris Ferrio
Senior web editor/producer: Anna Manzo
Web producer: Jeff Yates
Newswire editor: Hank Hoffman
Photo editors: Scott Harris
Outreach coordinator: Anna Manzo
Distribution: Anna Manzo, Jeff Yates and Bill Cosentino
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U.S. Politics

"Corruption-Tainted Republican Withdraws From Ohio Congressional Race," Associated Press, Aug. 15, 2006

"The Democrats' Lebanon Failure," by Stephen Zunes,, Aug. 15, 2006

"Democrats See Security Issue As Key Issue For Fall," The New York Times, Aug. 15, 2006

"For GOP, Bad Gets Worse In Northeast," Washington Post, Aug. 14, 2006

"Who's Afraid Of Hillary Clinton? MoveOn," by Norman Solomon, Counterpunch, Aug. 14, 2006

"Democracy Breaks Out In Connecticut," by Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation, Aug. 14, 2006

"De Facto GOP Nominee Lieberman Smears Bernie Sanders," by David Sirota, Working for Change, Aug. 14, 2006

"Will Lieberman's Loss Push Dems To The Right?," by Matt Stoller,, Aug. 14, 2006

"Still Battling GOP Voter Suppression," by Jabari Asim, Washington Post, Aug. 14, 2006

"'Swift Boat' Veterans Set Sights On Murtha," Los Angeles Times, Aug. 13, 2006

"Where Have You Gone, Joe Lieberman? A Nation Turns Its Curious Eyes To Connecticut," by Robert Borosage, Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas), Aug. 13, 2006

"Dean: Lieberman Should Drop Out Of Race," Reuters, Aug. 13, 2006

"Meet The GOP's Latest Smear Machine: 'Vets For Freedom' Fight For Rove And Lieberman," by John Stauber, Counterpunch, Aug. 12/13, 2006

"Lieberman's Loss Makes Cheney Talk Terror," by Arianna Huffington,, Aug. 12, 2006

"GOP Sticks With Fear And Smear," by William Greider, The Nation, Aug. 12, 2006

"Sore Loserman, Redux: An Independent Hypocrite," by Michael Donnelly, Counterpunch, Aug. 11, 2006

More newswire ...

Bush Regime

"Is Conspiracy A War Crime? White House Says Yes," Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 14, 2006

"Bush Versus The Constitution," by David Swanson, Truthout, Aug. 11, 2006

"Criminal Administration: Conyers' Report Lays Out Case Against White House," by Jennifer Van Bergen,, Aug. 11, 2006

More newswire ...

American Empire/War Profiteering

"With Lebanon And Iraq Crises, Analysts Fear Disaster In U.S. Course,'" by Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service, Aug. 15, 2006

"Washington's Interests In Israel's War," by Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker, Aug. 14, 2006

"Bush 'Viewed War In Lebanon As A Curtain-Raiser For Attack On Iran,'" by Andrew Buncombe, Independent/UK, Aug. 14, 2006

More newswire ...

"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan

"Sickened Iraq Vets Cite Depleted Uranium," Associated Press, Aug. 12, 2006

"Resist The Taliban? What For?," by Sara Daniel, Le Nouvel Observateur/France, Aug. 10, 2006

More newswire ...

Civil Liberties/ Human Rights

"The Land Of The Free-- But Free Speech Is A Rare Commodity," by Henry Porter, Observer/UK, Aug. 13, 2006

More newswire ...

Media Issues

"Two Sides To Every Conflict-- Unless You Rely On The U.S. Media For Information," by Andrew Gumbel & Donald Macintyre, Independent/UK, Aug. 15, 2006

"Eavesdropping And The Election: An Answer On The Question Of Timing," by Byron Calame, The New York Times, Aug. 13, 2006

"Bush's Primetime Lies Go Unchallenged By Mainstream Media," by by Rev. William Alberts, Counterpunch, Aug. 12/13, 2006

"Government Joins Net Treaty That May Limit Rights In U.S., Overseas," by Shreema Mehta, The New Standard, Aug. 11, 2006

"The Problem With Pundits," by Eric Boehlert, The Nation, Aug. 11, 2006

More newswire ...


"The Antiwar Movement: Weak, Passive, Distracted," by Todd Chretien, Counterpunch, Aug. 15, 2006

"Lt. Ehren Watada: Protecting First Amendment Freedoms By Opposing illegal War," by Susan Van Haitsma, Austin American-Statesman (Texas), Aug. 15, 2006

"Hundreds March In L.A. To Protest Lebanon, Iraq Wars," Los Angeles Times, Aug. 13, 2006

"Times Call For New Pentagon Papers," by Daniel Ellsberg, Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 8, 2006

More newswire ...

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