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Scott Harris, Best Radio News Reporter
WPKN Radio, 89.5 FM

"Giving Voice to Dissent: Bridgeport's WPKN Radio Covers The News With Left-Of-Center Takes Not Found In The Mainstream Media" Hartford Courant, Feb. 26, 2003

"The Rest of the News," New Haven Advocate, July 3, 2003

Between The Lines

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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending March 28, 2008


U.S. Politics

"The Machinery Of Hope," by Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone, Mar. 20, 2008

"Hillary Flirting With Fear," by Ira Chernus, Religion Dispatches, Mar. 11, 2008

"Targeting Bad Democrats," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 11, 2008

"McCain More Bellicose Than Bush?," by Paul Waldman, The American Prospect, Mar. 11, 2008

"House Steers Its Own Path On Wiretaps," The New York Times, Mar. 11, 2008

"GOP Rep. Slimes Obama, McCain Fails Leadership Test," by Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post, Mar. 10, 2008

"Spitzer Is Linked To Prostitution Ring," The New York Times, Mar. 10, 2008

"Hate Crimes Linked To Immigration Debate," Associated Press, Mar. 10, 2008

"Democrat Wins Hastert's Seat In Illinois," Associated Press, Mar. 9, 2008

"McCain Supports Bush Veto Of Bill Banning Harsh Interrogation Tactics," San Francisco Chronicle, Mar. 9, 2008

"The Only Way To Fight The Clintons: You Can't Lick The Boot That Kicks You," by Joann Wypijewski, Counterpunch, Mar. 8/9, 2008

"Obama's Run Against McCain Begins Today," by David Bromwich, Huffington Post, Mar. 8, 2008

"The New Phase For Obama, Clinton And The Rest Of Us," by Tom Hayden, Huffington Post, Mar. 7, 2008

"Nader, The Clintons, Obama, Gore And Edwards: On Hope, Fear And Anger," by Paul Street, ZNet, Mar. 7, 2008

"Canadian Government Will Probe 'Entire' NAFTA Leak: PM," CBC/Canada, Mar. 7, 2008

"Senate Democrats Hope For A Majority Not Seen In 30 Years: 60 Seats," The New York Times, Mar. 7, 2008

"McCain's Consistent Folly On Iraq," by Steve Chapman, Reason, Mar. 6, 2008

"Hope In The Time Of NAFTA," by David Sirota, TruthDig, Mar. 6, 2008

"Justice Scalia's Two-Front War," by Simon Lazarus & Harper Jean Tobin, The American Prospect, Mar. 6, 2008

"Obama And The Prospects For A Renewal Of The Left: The Real Movement Will Be Needed After The Election," by Steve Sherman, Counterpunch, Mar. 5, 2008

"CBC Exonerates Obama: A Post-Mortem," by mattw, Daily Kos, Mar. 5, 2008

"McCain's Very Own Farrakhan," by Joe Conason, TruthDig, Mar. 5, 2008

"The Other Side Of The McCain Lobbyist Scandal," by Jerold M. Starr, The Nation, Mar. 4, 2008

"Did The Clinton Campaign Doctor Obama Footage To Make Him 'Blacker'?," by Sarah Lai Stirland, Wired, Mar. 4, 2008


Bush Regime

"An Admiral Takes On The White House," by Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service, Mar. 11, 2008

"The President's Lawyers," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 11, 2008

"Top U.S. Commander In Middle East Resigns," ABC News, Mar. 11, 2008

"Defying Mukasey, Congress Sues Bolten, Miers," by Christopher Kutruff, Truthout, Mar. 11, 2008

"What Bush's Veto Means: His Endgame And His Legacy," by Jack Balkin, Balkinization, Mar. 8, 2008

"Bush Explains Veto Of Waterboarding Bill," Associated Press, Mar. 8, 2008

"Court Order Sought In Email Controversy," Associated Press, Mar. 7, 2008

"Fired U.S. Attorney Says Colleague Told Him Politics Was Behind His Ouster," McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 6, 2008

"No Standing To Lecture On Justice," by Jacob Hornberger, Future of Freedom Foundation, Mar. 5, 2008


American Empire/War Profiteering

"Blowback Of Iran War Likely To Be 'Terrible,'" by Charles Davis, Inter Press Service, Mar. 11, 2008

"International Support Ebbs For Nuclear Hard Line," by Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service, Mar. 11, 2008

"U.S. May Add Venezuela To Its List Of Terrorist States," McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 10, 2008

"Crushing The Ants: Adm. Fallon And His Empire," by Chris Floyd, Counterpunch, Mar. 7, 2008

"Foreign Policy Increasingly Flows Through Pentagon," by Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service, Mar. 7, 2008

"Top Iraq Contractor Skirts Taxes Offshore," Boston Globe, Mar. 6, 2008

"Yankees Head Home," by John Lindsay-Poland, Foreign Policy in Focus, Mar. 6, 2008


"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan

"In Iraq, Childhood Is A Thing Of The Past," by Ahmed Ali & Dahr Jamail, Inter Press Service, Mar. 11, 2008

"Exhaustive Review Finds No Link Between Saddam And Al Qaeda," McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 10, 2008

"Scoring The 'Surge' And What Lies Beyond," by Col. Dan Smith, Counterpunch, Mar. 10, 2008

"So Much For The 'Surge,'" by Eugene Robinson, TruthDig, Mar. 10, 2008

"8 U.S. Troops, 14 Iraqis Die In Wave Of Insurgent Bombings," McClatchy Newspapers, Mar. 10, 2008

"Why Iraq Could Blow Up In John McCain's Face," by Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch, Mar. 7, 2008

"Vets Break Silence On Iraq War Crimes," by Aaron Glantz, Inter Press Service, Mar. 7, 2008

"Officials Lean Toward Keeping Next Iraq Assessment Secret," Washington Post, Mar. 7, 2008

"The Myth Of The Surge," by Nir Rosen, Rolling Stone, Mar. 6, 2008

"Plight Of Iraqi Women A 'National Crisis,'" Agence France Presse, Mar. 6, 2008

"Care For Injured Vets Raises Questions," Associated Press, Mar. 6, 2008

"The Iraq Quagmire," by Erik Leaver & Jenny Shin, Foreign Policy in Focus, Mar. 4, 2008


Civil Liberties

"Rights Group: 'Torture-Tainted Evidence' Mars U.S. Legal Image," Agence France Presse, Mar. 11, 2008

"Loyalty Oaths Fail The Test Of Democracy," by Geoffrey Stone, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 11, 2008

"Sordid Details On 'Black Site' At Diego Garcia Island Come To Light," by Liliana Segura, AlterNet, Mar. 11, 2008

"Guantanamo Trials Fail The Nuremberg Test," by Nat Hentoff, Sacramento Bee (California), Mar. 11, 2008

"NSA's Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data," Wall Street Journal, Mar. 10, 2008

"Not Guilty, But Jailed For Five Years: Al-Arian's Third Hunger Strike Under Way," by Chris Hedges, TruthDig, Mar. 9, 2008

"Another Milestone On The Road To Serfdom," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 8, 2008

"Advocates Say Ruling Chills Reporters," Associated Press, Mar. 8, 2008

"The Normalization Of Torture," by Marty Lederman, Balkinization, Mar. 8, 2008

"The Banality Of The Surveillance State," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 7, 2008

"Spain Drops Extradition Attempt Against Guantanamo Torture Pair," Guardian/UK, Mar. 7, 2008

"National Dragnet Is A Click Away," Washington Post, Mar. 6, 2008

"9/11 Attacks Harm First Amendment: AP Chief Says Press Freedoms Among Casualties," Associated Press, Mar. 6, 2008

"Shocking New Revelation: Unchecked Government Powers Get Abused," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 6, 2008

"New FBI Privacy Violations Confirmed," Associated Press, Mar. 5, 2008

"Your Papers, Please," American Civil Liberties Union, Mar. 5, 2008


Media Issues

"We Don't Do Torture-Especially In Debates," by William Fisher, Inter Press Service, Mar. 11, 2008

"The Torturous Logic Of The New York Times," by Marc Cooper, Huffington Post, Mar. 9, 2008

"Legacy: New York Times Struggles To Avoid The Word 'Torture,'" by Pamela Troy, Smirking Chimp, Mar. 9, 2008

"Looking For Hate On Talk Radio," by Jaime O'Neill, Smirking Chimp, Mar. 9, 2008

"Tucker Carlson Unintentionally Reveals The Role Of The American Press," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Mar. 8, 2008

"Journalism And The Death Of A Thousand (Staff) Cuts," by Bob Patterson, Smirking Chimp, Mar. 7, 2008

"A Brain-Dead Press," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Mar. 7, 2008

"Poll: Over Half Of Americans Say They Do Not Trust The Press," by Faiz, Think Progress, Mar. 6, 2008



"Oaxaca: Film Shows How Indy Media Sparked Revolt," by Tor Sandberg, Rabble/Canada, Mar. 11, 2008

"Soldiers Join War Protest," Chicago Post-Tribune, Mar. 11, 2008

"Labor's War On Global Warming," by Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello & Brendan Smith, The Nation, Mar. 10, 2008

"Overwhelmingly White, The Green Movement Is Reaching For The Rainbow," Seattle Times, Mar. 9, 2008

"Honoring Two Activist Parents," by Vincent L. Guarisco, Consortium News, Mar. 6, 2008


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