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Between The Lines
For The Week Ending May 14, 2010

U.S. Politics

"Arizona's new immigration law is an act of vengeance," by Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, Apr. 27, 2010

"Obama: All options are on the table to slash deficits," McClatchy Newspapers, Apr. 27, 2010

"Lessons from the Failed Nomination of Dawn Johnsen," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Apr. 27, 2010

"Behind The Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election," by Greg Palast, Truthout, Apr. 26, 2010

"G.O.P. Blocks Debate on Financial Oversight Bill," The New York Times, Apr. 26, 2010

"Democrats lead calls to boycott Arizona over immigration bill," Guardian/UK, Apr. 26, 2010

"Democrats push bank controls; GOP delays action," Associated Press, Apr. 26, 2010

"Democrats Move to Stem Corporate Political Cash," Reuters, Apr. 25, 2010

"Vermont Legislature Votes to Begin Designing 'Single-Payer' System," Associated Press, Apr. 24, 2010

"WellPoint routinely targets breast cancer patients," Reuters, Apr. 22, 2010

"Goldman's White House connections raise eyebrows," McClatchy Newspapers, Apr. 21, 2010



"Goldman executives: 'No regrets' for deals that accelerated crisis," McClatchy Newspapers, Apr. 27, 2010

"Stocks Drop Nearly 2 Percent After Greek Debt Is Downgraded," The New York Times, Apr. 27, 2010

"What Really Triggered the Financial Crisis? The Shadow Banking System Blew Up," by Mike Whitney, Counterpunch, Apr. 27, 2010

"Deficit reduction: argument by authority," by Dean Baker, Guardian/UK, Apr. 27, 2010

"The Staggering Collapse of Living Standards in the US -- 92% of Americans Unhappy with the Economy," by Hiram Lee, Center for Research on Globalization, Apr. 26, 2010

"Senate probe: Goldman misled clients and nation - and made billions," McClatchy Newspapers, Apr. 26, 2010

"Budget woes hit schools hard and harder," Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr. 25, 2010

"Goldman executives cheered housing market's decline, newly released e-mails show," Washington Post, Apr. 24, 2010

"A Year of War Would Pay for Local Jobs Bill," by Robert Naiman, Truthout, Apr. 24, 2010

"Six Banks Control 60% of Gross National Product -- Is the U.S. at the Mercy of an Unstoppable Oligarchy?," by Bill Moyers, Bill Moyers' Journal, Apr. 23, 2010

"Senate panel: Ratings agencies rolled over for Wall Street," McClatchy Newspapers, Apr. 22, 2010


Bush Accountability

"Destruction of Torture Videotapes Documented in CIA Email," Associated Press, Apr. 16, 2010


International Affairs

"U.S. to Face Litany of Complaints at UN Human Rights Council," Inter Press Service, Apr. 27, 2010

"A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won't): In Washington-Speak, 'Palestinian State' Means 'Fried Chicken,'" by Noam Chomsky, TomDispatch, Apr. 26, 2010

"Clueless at the Pentagon about Kyrgyzstan," by Scott Horton, Harper's, Apr. 26, 2010

"Colombia's Deadly 'Democracy,'" by Daniel Kovalik, Counterpunch, Apr. 26, 2010

"Demonizing Iran: U.S. Media Continue Beating War Drums," by Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch, Apr. 23-25, 2010

"Hillary's 'Feelings' About Cuba and the Castros," by Nelson P. Valdés, Counterpunch, Apr. 23-25, 2010

"U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat," by Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service, Apr. 23, 2010

"Washington's Invented Honduran Democracy," by staff of Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Apr. 22, 2010

"Fueling the Afghan War," by Aram Roston, The Nation, Apr. 21, 2010


"Postwar" Occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan

"Iraq Rocked by Court Verdict," by Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch, Apr. 27, 2010

"Death Squads in Afghanistan," by Francis Shor, Counterpunch, Apr. 27, 2010

"Iraq election chaos as 52 candidates are disqualified," Guardian/UK, Apr. 26, 2010

"US intervenes in Iraq election row as feared militia waits in wings," Independent/UK, Apr. 26, 2010

"Elite U.S. Units Step Up Effort in Afghan City Before Attack," The New York Times, Apr. 25, 2010

"Kandahar push depends on politics: Afghan official," Agence France Presse, Apr. 25, 2010

"Allies to turn blind eye to corruption as Afghan exit strategy agreed," Independent/UK, Apr. 24, 2010

"Beginning of the end for Afghan war?," by Mark Weisbrot, Guardian/UK, Apr. 23, 2010

"Bomb attacks kill 50, wound almost 200 In Iraq," McClatchy Newspapers, Apr. 23, 2010


Civil Liberties/ Human Rights

"Arizona: This Is What Apartheid Looks Like," by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, Common Dreams, Apr. 26, 2010

"Feds Say Judge Hampering Webcam Spy Probe," by David Kravets, Wired, Apr. 26, 2010

"Psychologists Notes May Indicate Zubaydah Torture Experimentation," by Jeffrey Kaye, Truthout, Apr. 25, 2010

"Guantanamo: Military Court to Review Canadian's Torture Claim," Reuters, Apr. 25, 2010

"Judge Rules Yemeni's Detention at Guantánamo Based Solely on Torture," by Andy Worthington,, Apr. 24, 2010

"Ex-NSA official pleads not guilty to helping reporter," Washington Post, Apr. 24, 2010

"Privacy Groups Challenge U.S. Airport Body Scanners," by William Fisher, Inter Press Service, Apr. 22, 2010

"A Kinder, Gentler Gitmo," by Adam Serwer, The American Prospect, Apr. 22, 2010

"The Obama administration's righteous stance against indefinite detention... in Pakistan," by Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Apr. 22, 2010

"Google: U.S. Demanded User Info 3,500 Times in 6 Months," by Ryan Singel, Wired, Apr. 20, 2010


Environment and Sustainability

"Forests Not for Absorbing Carbon, Say Activists," Inter Press Service, Apr. 27, 2010

"Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One Million People: New Book," Environment News Service, Apr. 26, 2010

"Big Oil Fought Off New Safety Rules Before Rig Explosion," by Marcus Baram, Huffington Post, Apr. 26, 2010

"GM Crops Go to US High Court, Environmental Laws on the Line," Inter Press Service, Apr. 26, 2010

" Empty skies proved that airports cause pollution, say researchers," Independent/UK, Apr. 22, 2010

"Obama's green agenda under attack from group linked to chemical industry," Guardian/UK, Apr. 21, 2010



"New York Times and Lawrence Lessig weigh in: FCC should reclassify broadband," by Jason Rosenbaum, Firedoglake, Apr. 20, 2010

More newswire ...


"Arizona's Law May Spark Pro-Immigrant Movement," by Valeria Fernández, New America Media, Apr. 24, 2010

After a Year of Defeat and Disappointment: Where are the Pitchforks?," by Mark Brenner, Counterpunch, Apr. 23-25, 2010

"Reclaiming Earth Day: With Climate Chaos on the Horizon, the Environmental Movement Needs Traction," by Brian Tokar, The Indypendent (NYC), Apr. 23, 2010

"A New Climate Movement in Bolivia," by Naomi Klein, The Nation, Apr. 21, 2010

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